March 2023
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2021 Trends Here Are the Latest Rice Pearl Necklace Designs

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Pearls provide a classy and elegant look to your appearance. Every woman needs to have at least one set of pearl jewellery in their collection. The sophisticated look combined with its lustre, makes pearl jewellery pieces a versatile option for any occasion. A variety of different kinds of pearls are available nowadays. Among them is the famous ‘rice pearl’. Rice pearls are freshwater pearls that are cultured in a mussel. Rice pearls got their name due to their oval shape, which resembles a grain of rice. Most of the rice pearls are cultivated either in China or the US. They are less expensive compared to saltwater pearls and perfect for making necklaces that will stand out.

Below are the latest rice pearl necklace designs in 2021 that will catch everyone’s attention:

  • Rice pearl rope necklace

Rice Pearl necklace designs online

You can wear a long strand of rice pearls, which is at least 50 inches long. This is a beautiful statement piece and does not require any clasp, since it will easily go over your head. The long length of the necklace gives it a unique look and can be paired with any type of outfit.

  • Rice pearl necklace in layers

Gold Pearl Necklace Designs

A layered rice pearl necklace is a great way to show off your pearl jewellery. You can have from 2 to 15 layers of rice pearls layered, to give you a profound look. These will especially go well with single coloured, bold outfits. You can combine gold, silver or other metals, within the strands, for a more unique look.

  • Rice pearl necklace pendant

rice pearl necklace

Pendants are the most versatile piece of jewellery. You can have a simple rice pearl as a pendant on a gold or silver chain. This is perfect for casual or workplace attires.

  • Rice pearl and precious stone necklaces

rice pearl stone necklace

Combining the lustrous white rice pearl, with gemstones like sapphire, ruby or emerald, can bring that wow factor to your appearance. Such a rice pearl necklace will make you stand out in a crowd. You can pair rice pearls with rubies for red outfits, sapphires for blue outfits and emeralds for green outfits.

  • Rice pearl choker

pearl choker necklace

Every woman must own a pearl choker. Rice pearl chokers, with their smaller sized pearls will highlight your collarbone and draw attention to your face. It’s the perfect accessory for any formal or party outfit. You can layer many strands of rice pearls to get a choker, which will take your breath away, as well as of others.

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