February 2023

22K Gold Jewellery Designs Online In India

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A small piece of an item worn for personal adornment such as chains, rings, necklaces, brooches, etc is called jewellery. These are usually attached to the body, clothes or hair of the wearer. Jewellery first came into being over 100,000 years ago and have been in existence since then. The forms and designs of jewellery depend on tradition and culture.

Jewellery is made up of various types of substances. They can be made up different metals and non metals, gemstones, precious and semi-precious stones. It is also used as a symbol of status based on the type of jewellery worn. Maybe other than a diamond, no jewellery is as popular and important as pure gold jewellery. Gold jewellery comes in 22 and 24K. Gold jewellery makes the wearer look elegant, alluring and captivating. It is also a symbol of wealth and power. Gold jewellery is timeless. They can be passed down from one generation to another as a family heirloom. We usually call them antique jewellery and has much more value than jewellery at the present time. Gold jewellery stamped as 22K have approximately 91 per cent of pure gold.

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The rest of the 9 per cent usually consists of copper, silver or various other metals. 22K jewellery is a bit more long-lasting than 24K jewellery. This is the primary reason why we find more 22K jewellery compared to 24K. Gold jewellery is also a great investment which can be used in the time of need.

The 22K gold jewellery designs in India have changed over the years. It is not the same as it used to be when its use first came into existence. Previously, gold jewellery was just adorned with traditional attires and was used by the royalty. The jewellery was made according to the taste of the generation. Nowadays, gold jewellery has become more versatile to go with any kinds of attire and can be worn on any occasion or party.

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The latest designs focus on the fact that gold jewellery is now worn with almost anything and everything. Gold jewellery is the most popular and preferable kinds of jewellery used in India. Gold jewellery is treasured for its natural beauty and elegance. The modern gold market puts up a picture of diversity and taste. Gold jewellery market has prospered over the years due to its a high rate of demand. Gold jewellery is bought by an even higher range of customers.

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The price of gold jewellery ranges from thousands to crores. 22K gold needs to be taken care of properly because it is the softest form of mixed metal jewellery. 22K gold jewellery comes along with a variety of designs and styles for us to choose from. Various types of gemstones or precious and semi-precious stones may also be attached to the gold jewellery to make it look even more exquisite and extravagant. The use of gemstones etc makes the jewellery piece colourful and eye-catching. India has a gold jewellery market of 9 per cent. Gold jewellery is always going to be a huge part of our cultural and traditional lives.

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