June 2022

36 Reasons why Jewellery is your best friend!

We Indians are generally known for our grand love affair with jewellery. Be it men or women, we always have an abundance of reasons for buying and wearing jewellery. Be it on the blushing bride or the elegant dame, the jewellery you wear is a reflection of your personality. Let’s look at 36 reasons why having jewellery is a really great idea for you:

  1. Because we love jewellery, and sometimes, that really is enough of a reason.
  2. Jewellery amplifies our beauty, lending just the right amount of flair and grace to complete our style.
  3. We aspire to look different every day. Different kinds of jewellery can break the monotony.
  4. For the beauty of it, and beauty, as they say, is an excuse for itself.
  5. Jewellery as a celebration of life itself, imparting joy and happiness.
  6. The right jewellery can boost our confidence, emboldening us to face the world.

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  1. To charm the eyes of all those who admire us.
  2. To preserve and perpetuate our traditions and beliefs.
  3. As a gift for our loved ones, and what better way to express our love than through the eternality of jewels.
  4. Life is transitory, but jewellery stays. It is a token of remembrance from our previous generation.
  5. Jewellery is a way to flaunt our affluence.
  6. Jewellery for each festivity, and in a land as culturally diverse as ours, we have a myriad deluge of festivals to celebrate.
  7. To adorn every occasion that arises within the family.
  8. Traditional or ethnic jewellery has the ability to lend a royal touch to our everyday ensemble.
  9. Jewellery is one of the safest forms of investment in today’s fluctuating global markets, acting as a sure wealth preserver.
  10. As shagun, for auspicious beginnings of a new relationship.
  11. As a fashion accessory.

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  1. To stand out as extraordinary among a crowd of people.
  2. As a token of the promise of an everlasting relationship, such as promise rings, love bands, or the mangalsutra worn by most Indian married women.
  3. The craft of jewellery making dates back to ages. Wearing a particular kind of jewellery is a celebration of the craft itself.
  4. For luck and for auspiciousness.
  5. Jewellery often becomes an outlet for expressing one’s individuality, a statement of our self-identity.
  6. Our personality is the canvas to express our creativity and artistry, and we can do that through our jewellery.
  7. Wearing jewellery has astrological implications too. Gemstones and metals can have positive influence on the planetary position.
  8. To enhance our bond with nature and Mother Earth, particularly in the form of Eco Jewellery.
  9. Jewellery is said to have the ability to channel the energy within you into fruitful pursuits.
  10. Earrings are said to aid the body in a way by influencing and improving the functions of the kidneys and bladders through the nerve connecting them to the brain.

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  1. Maangtikas, Jhoomars and other forehead jewellery are said to be able to regulate blood circulation and reduce headaches.
  2. Nose rings, like Naath, aid in both breathing problems, and is also closely associated by Ayurveda with the female reproductive organs.
  3. Bangles have the ability to increase circulation and provide friction to the pulse points in the hands, channelling energy back into the body.
  4. Necklaces such as Maala, Haar or Satli puts a mild pressure on certain acupressure points surrounding the neck which helps in reviving blood circulation.
  5. Armbands such as the Vanki worn on the upper arm is said to ward away evil.
  6. Rings have been acknowledged as having a deep impact on physical, emotional and mental health of the wearer across the world, acting on the close proximity to nerves and veins connected directly to the brain.
  7. The hip belt, one of the most sensuous pieces of jewellery was often used in olden times to regulate body shape and prevent fat and pot bellies.
  8. For some, the entire process of consideration and selection of jewellery becomes a calming preparation to facing the world.
  9. And lastly, we wear jewellery just because… ‘sometimes you really don’t need a reason.

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