March 2023
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7 Tips While Wearing Jewellery To Work

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Wearing Jewellery while dressing up for work is always tricky. For one, you must be running out of time while getting dressed in the mornings and it is always a pain to pick out exactly what kind of Jewellery would complement your clothes, but not look too loud.

We have a few tips just to ensure you do it right.

  • Skip the long ones, the big chunks and the statement pieces

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This is a no-brainer. When a workplace is strict about a formal dress code, it is essential to drop the long earrings or the chunky necklaces. These are usually dressy in nature, and add to bling, which might not bode very well with the pastels that you wear.

  • Try on some studs and flat earrings

While the mornings might seem a lot calmer than the storm that you might have to face at work, don’t go by that mood. Through the 7-8 hours at office, you will have to handle a phone multiple times, and anything that is not flat, might end up annoying you. So, pick out some simple studs

  • Finger rings are definitely interesting

While attention to your face is constant, no one pays attention to your fingers right away. So, a simple ring with a few gemstones could do the trick. If you think diamonds are reserved just for engagements or weddings, you could add a pearl ring to your collection, which goes well with casual or formal work wear.

  • Strings are always a good investment

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A string of pearls are always classy. A single strand of round pearls goes perfectly well with western office wear. You could wear it with a buttoned down shirt or a lacy blouse. And if you think white is boring, why not invest in a string of black pearls?

  • Wear a chain bracelet

A chain bracelet is simple, light and super elegant. While it works very well with western formals, you can spell out your personality with the design you love the most. And if you plan to step out to an evening of drinks straight from work, the bracelet is definitely a blessing!

  • Gold is still more than an investment

Pearl Jewellery

The advantage of gold is that it suits all skin tones and facial shapes. It flatters every wearer and if you do not like the bright glow of 22 carats, there are several 18 carat options available. So, go ahead, ransack your mum’s cupboard and take home some gold studs. Or better still, buy some

  • Hoop earrings are the exception to the rule
    While we warned you against wearing long earrings, you are allowed to break the rule only for hoops. Buy hoops of several different sizes and you can wear them everyday of the week and still look different. If you are keen about extreme elegance at every step, opt for gold hoops.

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