February 2023

9 Trendy Ways of Wearing Pearls

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  • Wear multiple strands of pearl strings

Wearing varied layers of pearls of different lengths definitely adds to trendiness of any costume. This could be day-look or could be extended appropriately to an evening-look or a red carpet look too! We have an example for you right here.

So, do you have enough pearl strings then?

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  • Mix a pearl bracelet with other colourful bracelets

Mix colored beads or stone-based bracelets of different lengths and wear along with your pearl bracelets. This looks perfect even with just a simple pair of denims.

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  • Try out pearl jewellery in colours apart from white

Did you know that you get pearls in black, pink, purple and chocolate brown too? In fact, we also have pearls in the colour marsala, which is the colour of 2015!

While retaining the classiness of pearls, the colours allow you the option of presenting a different look. In fact you can also go in for a non-monochromatic look by sporting a pearl string with multiple coloured pearls.

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  • Twist it up

There are several ways to twist your pearls. Either twist an existing double string and wear it along your neck, or twist it into a smaller radius and wear it like a bracelet. Or why not just go in for a twisted string?

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  • Move away from just the studs

Unfortunately pearls are always worn as just studs. While studs are interesting as work wear, a single long string of hanging earring is always trendier and more fashionable, not to mention fun. So, why don’t you invest in a pair of the hanging pearls?

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  • Not just around your neck or ears

There have been instances of pearl dresses and pearl corsets, so if you want to shake things up a bit, why don’t you take a string or two and wear it like a tiara or pin up an earring to your clutch.

  • Wear pearls with a chain

Pearls are not just strings. In fact the fashion book says, that pearls with a silver chain definitely looks different.

  • Knot it up

Take a long string of pearls (of any number of lines) and knot it up right at the length of 1/5th of it. Viola – here is a different way of wearing something you always did!

  • Wear pearls with a pair of denim

Yes, pearls go super well with denims – it is what we call casual chic. So, try it?

Are there any other ways of wearing pearls to make them trendy? Do let us know in the comments.

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