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Adorn Your Neck with Baroque Pearl Necklaces That Will Work for All Occasions

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Are you looking for a classy and elegant necklace that will go with all your outfits? Well, then pearls may be the way to go. Pearls have been in existence for years and will always give you a classic, timeless look. Some people fear that pearls are meant for older people, who want to appear sophisticated and elegant. In that case, you should try something a bit different – baroque pearl necklaces!

What are baroque pearls and where can I find them?

Baroque pearls are extremely unique pearls because of their irregular and non-spherical shape. The shapes can vary from being dented, curved, pinched or even lumpy. They are mostly cultured freshwater pearls. You can even find them cultured in saltwater, but these tend to have be tear drop shaped.

Baroque Pearl Necklace designs 2021

Why are baroque pearls so unique?

Most baroque pearls are either white, salmon, pink and even darker shades, with varying depths of lustre. We can assure you that no two baroque pearls will look the same. This is why they are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Statement jewelleries made from baroque pearls are completely unique and will allow you to express your personality. They are a perfect contemporary alternative to the traditional, classic pearl.

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How valuable are baroque pearls?

Many factors determine how valuable a baroque pearl is. These include its shape, size, lustre and colour. Darker coloured pearls are much more valuable, since they are rarer to find. However, they are less expensive compared to other pearl types. Even the jewellery making prices seem to be less expensive, thus making it a very economical alternative.

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Why should I buy a baroque pearl necklace?

You can be sure that adorning yourself with a baroque pearl necklace will be a showstopper. You can choose, whether you want a dramatic look by going for larger, lustrous pearls or a simpler look with smaller pearls. Baroque pearl necklaces are a great statement piece, which will go with all your outfits – whether it is an office attire, a dinner party dress or even with casual clothes. If you tend to shy away from pearl strands, then consider investing in a pendant, with a single baroque pearl instead. This simple design gives a very elegant look.

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