February 2023

Akoya Freshwater and Tahitian Here’s How To Select The Right Pearl For You

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Your Detailed Guide To Selecting The Right Type Of Pearls

The world of Jewellery consists of several gemstones amongst which fine pearls are the most niche ones and also the least understood varieties.

Of course, there are several questions you need to answer before investing your hard-earned money into a type of pearl. Let us turn the focus on how to select the right Types of Pearls depending on their Colours, origin, shapes, sizes and lustre.

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Akoya types of pearls have gained a huge recognition for their shape, colour and lustre among other types of pearls. These pearls are available in a perfectly round shape. However, you can get them in Baroque shapes as well.

Freshwater jewellery like Classic Freshwater Pearl Drop Earring has been around for quite some time now. The best thing is that they are grown without beads. Round shaped freshwater pearls are most popular, though some might have symmetrical and free-form baroque shapes.

You can get Tahitian types of pearls in three shapes – free-form baroque, round baroque and smooth baroque. They must have a nacre thickness of 0.8. The ones shown below are an example of a Tahitian pearl necklace.

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Akoya pearls are available in different size ranges – 2-3.5 mm, 9-9.5 mm and 9.5-10 mm. Freshwater types of pearls are mostly available in size ranges of 2-3.5 mm and 11-12 mm. However, these days, you can get a freshwater pearl in 14-15 mm size range too. The size of Tahitian pearls varies from 8 mm to 15 mm. Pearls with more than 15 mm size is very costly and mostly not available.


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Akoya types of pearls are Originated from Japan, Vietnam and China, whereas almost all of the freshwater pearls come from China. But some are manufactured in the aquaculture farms too.

Tahitian pearl jewellery like the Tahitian Pearl & Diamonds Studs Earrings, are made using pearls delivered straight from Tahiti in French Polynesia. Tahitian pearls are exotic and are often known as black pearls.


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Though the majority of the Akoya types of pearls are white, some come with golden hues and also silvery-white hues. When it comes to colour, freshwater pearls are mostly white. But some come in light pink, peach and lavender shades. Tahitian types of pearls mostly come with dark charcoal and dove grey colours. Some rare varieties have aubergine, green and peacocks colours, popular as over stones.


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Akoya pearls are famous for their lustre which is bright and mirror-like, whereas Tahitian Pearls have an enigmatic hue. Lustre of freshwater types of pearls is a bit less than these two. However, with modern technology, they are being made as lustrous as possible.

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