March 2023

Antique Gold Pendant Designs

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A piece of jewellery which was created a century or more ago is usually coined as Antique Gold Pendant Set Jewellery. They may be also known as vintage jewellery. They have been previously owned by many other people and are usually made of various types of precious metals and Gemstones. They can be categorized by the era in which they belong. Sometimes, these are passed down from one generation to another as heirloom jewellery. Since they have been made with different kinds of precious metals, gemstones and semi-precious stones of previous times, they usually cost more than normal jewellery. These jewellery are a token of culture and tradition which is why they are considered more valuable than Modern Jewellery.

Gold Pendant Designs for Female

Pendants are usually a loose-hanging piece of jewellery which is generally attached with a small loop at the top to a chain which goes around your neck. A pendant can be attached to various things and not just a chain.

The antique gold pendant designs are very intricate and beautiful. Their state-of-the-art workmanship and their valuable gems are two of the reasons why they are so valued. In previous times, these pendants were usually made up of gold, silver and platinum. These pendants were first worn by the royals. In modern days, these jewellery are modified and available in a combination of all of the above-mentioned metals to suit the fashion requirements of the person buying it. Expensive stones such as emeralds, rubies, sapphire, topaz were used to make the pendants look more embellished. Other semi-precious stones such as amber, coral, pearl, turquoise were used to make it colourful. Although nowadays, different synthetic stones are also being used to modify these antique pendants to make them accessible to all.

Latest Pendant Designs in Gold

In the previous era, the royalty is the ones responsible for bringing in new designs and trends into jewellery. This trend was further followed by the priests and the nobility. After which came to the commoners.

Doubtless, these pendants were made in such a fashion that they can be worn with everything in the previous era. Ranging from sarees to dhoti kurtas. But they can also be matched with present-day dresses and outfits which proves their versatility. Antique gold pendants are worn by everyone despite their respective gender.

Stone Pendant Designs in Gold
Antique gold pendant jewellery comes in different shapes and sizes. It can also be of different types such as amulet, talisman, locket, medallion, etc. And some of their descriptions are :

  • Amulet: Amulets are believed to have supernatural and magical powers which help in protecting the carrier from dangerous or evil forces.
  • Locket: A locket is a small piece of jewellerywhich is hollow in between, usually to hold a small object, photograph, etc.

Gold Lakshmi Pendants Designs

Sometimes different kinds of tools were also worn as pendants. These tools include compasses, astronomical and navigational instruments, etc.

These antique gold pendants should be taken care of well and properly. Gold Antique Pendants do not lose their colour so, therefore, their maintenance takes v fewer efforts and time. They can be cleaned by using just warm water.

These antique jewellery are a major part of our rich culture and heritage which is why they are usually priced at such high rates. And we should be able to protect this jewellery at all costs.

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