March 2023

Baroque Pearls

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Baroque Pearls

Do you love pearls?  No lady will say NO to that question, but a good number of them would want to own pearls that are something different.  If you belong to the latter,  baroque pearls could be right for you.

What are baroque pearls?  These pearls are different from the perfectly round pearls that we commonly see worn by women.  These have unique and irregular shapes and sizes, and their surfaces are uneven and dented, often exhibiting beautiful glowing color.

Baroque pearls are also popularly used as necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and rings.  These unique pearls are known to attract success and good luck, when worn.  It’s quite interesting that the irregular shapes are not considered as defects, but are actually liked for their uniqueness. A baroque pearl jewellery will make you stand out, even on ordinary days, much more on special occasions.

At our store,, we have a collection of baroque pearl jewellery to offer.  Whether you are rooting for a maximalist design that are truly eye catching, a bold one, or a minimalist style, we sure have something to suit your taste and preferences. Pearls are very versatile and can be worn daily and on special occasions and will always command a second look.

If you are reluctant to visit our physical store to make a purchase, we will understand.  The pandemic has not totally gone away and you should think about your safety first.  However, this is no cause to worry.  You can browse our collection online, make a choice, and then buy your desired pearl jewellery through a video call.  Modern technology makes almost every type of communication possible nowadays.

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