March 2023
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Best Pearl Jewellery Store Near Charminar

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Best Pearl Jewellery Store Near Charminar Hyd (Krishna Pearls Dealer 1983)

The famous city of Hyderabad in South India acquired the tag and name of being the “City of Pearls”, when the trading and processing industry of pearls was at its peak. Hyderabad has been giving the country and the world some of the finest pearls and pearl jewellery, along with exquisite designs. For the past four hundred years or so, the world has looked towards this city for the finest pearls.

City Of Pearls Hyderabad

In the olden days, Hyderabad was known to be a diamond and a pearl hub, quite famous amongst traders. Right from the eighteenth to the twentieth century, while the Nizams ruled Hyderabad, the craftsmen brought pearls all the way from Dubai.

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In this way, the craft flourished and many traders set shop in Hyderabad, near the Charminar to sell pearl jewellery. The humungous craft of making pearl jewellery and designs has attracted designers and traders from all over the world to Hyderabad, even customers as well.

If you are looking for unique pearl sets, designs and trends, you need to get to the best pearl jewellery store near Charminar; Krishna Pearls would help you to seek out the classiest and trendiest of designs and fashion statements.

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Right from freshwater to Akoya pearls, South Sea to Tahitian pearls and more, real and cultured as well, there are tons of choices to choose from. At Krishna Pearls, you would have the best choices and our managers also would help you with their expertise to choose the most unique ones that bring out your personality.

Right from traditional touches to modern looks and more, Krishna Pearls has it all. This is why customers have rated Krishna Pearls as one of the best pearl jewellery stores near Charminar.

So, what are you waiting for? Walk-in with family or friends and check out the latest collection we have for you. You can also check our website online and do your shopping for pearl jewellery.

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Location: 2nd Floor, Krishna Jewellers Pearls & Gems, Road No.36, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

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