February 2023

The Best Way to Buy Pearls

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Buying pearls is not a difficult proposition these days. Of course, we are talking about genuine, good quality pearls here. Fake, low quality pearls are even easier to find, we believe. In fact, if you are not careful, they might end up in your own lap.

Talking about genuine pearls, one can find them in either a brick-and-mortar store, or on an online site on the Internet. The latter may be of two types – online marketplaces or public auction sites such as eBay or dedicated online stores selling pearls and pearl jewelry.

Those who prefer holding their pearls in their own hands before buying them, would naturally find buying at a conventional store the more obvious option. In fact, if you don’t mind the trouble of having to actually drive down to the store in person, haggling with the storekeeper over the price which seems steeper than elsewhere, being asked to return in a week’s time because the particular pearl you are looking for is currently out of stock, or facing a handful of other such petty inconveniences, buying from a regular store is a great idea. But we think we have made the point.

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So where does that leave you? We know, you are already thinking about buying your next pearl on the Internet. But beware! Don’t get tempted by those low prices on eBay. If you come across an offer that seems too good to be true, chances are that it probably is so! While one can surely find some pretty good deals on sites like eBay, there’s also a fair chance of getting ripped by unscrupulous sellers selling low quality (or even fake) pearls for the price of a real one!

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All said and done, the best bet is to buy them from a reputed and certified online store specializing in pearls and pearl products. The advantages are many. To begin with, you get a far wider choice and all the time in the world to review your choices and make up your mind.

There’s also a distinct price advantage. Online stores have no overhead charges like regular brick and mortar stores. There’s no rent to pay, nor any salary to give to the store personnel. As a result, online sellers are able to offer their products at a lower price to buyers. Moreover, most of the dedicated online sellers buy their pearls in large volumes, straight from various pearl farms and factories. This naturally eliminates the need to pay half-a-dozen middlemen along the way, resulting in a cheaper price tag.

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