March 2023
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Any type of online jewellery store is a fantastic source for buying beautiful Pearl bridal jewellery. Below mentioned in this article are some of the top tips for wearing bridalPearljewellery on your special day.

Maybe you have decided on wearing pearl jewellery for your wedding day, but you do not know much about it. So let us discuss the different type of Pearl.

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There are basically three different types of pearls viz real pearls, seashell pearls and glass pearls. A real Pearl will come from a freshwater mussel or sea water oysters. The freshwater pearls are one of the most popular types and they are mostly produced in Japan, China and the United States. The Freshwater pearls are widely famous for their different type of colours and their natural lustrous shine. A Pearl’s value mostly depends on the roundness of the pearl. The seashell pearls are mostly made from crushed seashells which are later reconstructed into a pearl. These offer a wider range of colours while weighing the same and the feel is similar to that of a real pearl but the cost is much lesser. Glass pearls are similar. The fake pearls are mainly made from glass and are coated with a special material which gives them the shine making them look like a real pearl.

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You might have an old pearl necklace which is a family heirloom and has been handed over from generation to generation. Wearing such a much-loved family heirloom is nice, but it’s not always that simple. Why not have the old necklace taken apart and then after remade into a unique piece of modern wedding jewellery especially created for your wedding.

You will often see that The Pearl that is used in a pearl wedding jewellery set is usually described to be cultured. What does that mean?

An original pearl is developed inside the living tissue of an oyster or a mollusc. These natural pearls are quite rare and almost everywhere in the market today the pearls that are found are cultured. The cultured pearls are cultivated in a large oyster farm where small seeds are usually placed inside the living tissue of the shell then are allowed to be coated with the Nakre which is secreted by the molluscs and are usually used to protect themselves from other irritants and predators. The producers of the cultured pearls wash, maintain the water temperature, feed and control the pollutants of the water but the oyster has the total control of the pearl that it is producing.

How to look after a precious piece of bridal Pearl jewellery?

The freshwater pearls that are naturally produced are very delicate and thus need to be treated with special attention and care. Try to protect your Pearl jewellery from hot water, chemicals, chlorinated water, sun cream or bleach. The pearls are porous and thus will absorb anything that they come in contact with. Never leave your Pearl exposed to the direct sunlight or halogen as this can fade away the colour.

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