March 2023
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Brides setting a new trend with pearl jewellery

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Every bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day. From the outfit to the makeup and the jewellery, every bride wishes to have all eyes on them, on their special day. Traditionally, gold jewellery has been the popular choice for most brides.  But lately, there is an increasing number of brides, who are taking the bold step to invest in bridal pearl jewellery instead. Pearls add such a charm and elegance to the bridal look that no other jewellery can. If you are a bride-to-be, check out the following ways you can incorporate bridal pearl jewellery into your jewellery list for your big day:

  • Bridal pearl necklaces and chokers  

1.	Bridal pearl necklaces and chokers

Ever since Deepika Padukone made a statement, with a multi layered pearl chain for her mehndi function, brides have been rushing to recreate this look. Multi layered pearl necklaces and chokers, combined with gold or precious stones, can make the guests go wow on your wedding day.

  • Pearl maang tikka or matha patti

2.	Pearl maang tikka or matha patti

A maang tikka or matha patti that adorns the forehead is a must-have to complete the bridal look. An oversized pearl maang tikka or a pearl encrusted matha patti, paired with simple jewellery, is a unique look that any bride can pull off.

  • Pearl kalira

Gold Earrings design

Punjabi brides usually complete their outfit, with kalira hanging off a bangle on their wrists. Traditionally, kalira is made from shells, flowers or beads and indicates prosperity. Nowadays, brides are setting a modern trend, by opting for gorgeous pearl based kalira instead.

  • Pearl haldi sets

The haldi ceremony is an important pre-wedding ritual, where turmeric (haldi) is applied on the bride’s skin, to give her the ‘bridal glow’, before her big day. This is done for grooms too. Traditionally, brides dress up in yellow outfits and yellow floral jewellery sets for this occasion. Many brides are now combining these yellow floral jewelleries, with elegant strands of pearl to give an outstanding look to their attire.

Pearl jewellery can go with any kind of outfit, whether it is a saree, gown or lehenga. You can also customize your jewellery with us, as we offer tailor-made jewellery too. But now the million-dollar question is how to get in touch with us? It’s simple through our awesome website: or by calling us on phone.

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