February 2023

How to Care for Your Pearl Jewellery Designs?

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Pearls are perfect, if you want a timeless and classy look. They can be used in any jewellery, such as pearl necklace designs, to make you stand out in a crowd. However, these natural beauties require special care and proper storage. If not taken care of, you pearl jewellery will not last long.

Here are the methods you can use to preserve your delicate pearls:

Keep them away from acid: Many common household items like vinegar, window cleaners, citrus fruits, etc contain acid. These acids can react with the calcium carbonate found in pearls and cause it to degrade. Experts suggest not wearing pearl necklace designs for a long period, since your sweat also contains acid.

Pearl Jewellery Designs

Careful storage: Always store your precious pearl necklace designs and other jewellery in soft cloth, like cotton or silk. Avoid storing them in plastic containers as these can cause scratches on your pearls.

Avoid contact with beauty products: Pearl jewellery, such as pearl necklace designs have a tendency to come in contact with beauty products like hairspray, makeup and perfume. The chemicals in these can slowly cause your pearls to lose its shine over time.

Gold Pearl Earrings Designs

Don’t bathe when wearing pearls: Always keep your pearl jewellery away from water. Water can damage the pearls and make it lose its lustre. Hence, its important to always remove your pearl ornaments before having a bath or taking a shower.

Do not use abrasive cloth: It is important to regularly clean your pearl jewellery to remove any dirt or dust particles. However, when cleaning your pearls, make sure to use smooth cloth materials. Avoid abrasive materials, since these can cause scratches to your pearls.

Understanding and being aware of how to take care of your pearl jewellery is absolutely necessary to make them last a lifetime. At Krishna Pearls, our experts can provide you with the best tips to take care of your pearl jewellery. You can contact us through the following:

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