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Check out these muthyam ring designs to make a statement

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Muthyam rings or pearl rings are among the most versatile ornaments that you can own. Whether you love flaunting elaborate pieces or simple ones, you can find muthyam ring designs that match all varieties and styles. The best part is that you can wear the muthyam ring designs on all kinds of occasions. Sounds exciting? Then check out these pearl ring designs that are perfect for expressing your distinct style.

  • Pearl & Diamonds Finger Ring

Pearl & Diamonds Finger Ring

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then pearls are her graceful companions. Won’t it be great if you come across muthyam ring designs that have both diamonds and pearls? This pearl and diamonds finger ring is among those stunning muthyam ring designs that feature both these gemstones. It has a single large Southsea golden pearl surrounded by radiating diamonds. Simply pair it with your festive outfits or party-wear and make everyone’s heads turn.

  • Diamond & Pearl Four-Petal Flower Ring

Diamond & Pearl Four-Petal Flower Ring

When you want to pull off an elegant look with ease, muthyam ring designs that have diamonds can be a perfect choice. Take a look at this diamond and pearl ring with a four-petal floral design. Crafted with white gold, this eye-catching ring has a huge Southsea pearl adorned with no less than 122 shiny diamonds. Don’t you think you need to include such muthyam ring designs in your jewellery collection?

  • White Twisted Finger Ring

White Twisted Finger Ring

Do you love wearing ornaments that can make you stand apart from the crowd? Then you must include in your kitty trendy muthyam ring designs such as the white twisted finger ring. An incredibly stylish piece, this yellow gold ring has two elegant freshwater pearls and 26 sparkling diamonds set flawlessly in a splendid design. When you want your ornaments to highlight your fashionable persona, you can never go wrong with this ring.

  • Pearl Celebration Finger Ring

Pearl Celebration Finger Ring

If you prefer a more minimalistic look, you can easily find muthyam ring designs that are simple, graceful, and classy. The pearl celebration finger ring is a fine example. This ring is adorned with three charming freshwater pearls set in yellow gold. It flaunts petal-shaped cuts that add to its stunning appearance. You can team up this ring with several outfits, including formal and everyday wear.

  • Pearl & Ruby Finger Ring 

Pearl & Ruby Finger Ring

With muthyam ring designs, you can opt for pieces that have coluorful gemstones. The pearl and ruby finger ring is an exquisite ring featuring two gorgeous petal-shaped red rubies flanked around a freshwater white pearl. What makes this ring a must-have for any fashionista is its flawless beauty. You can easily wear it with your western party-wear or Indian festive wear and steal everyone’s attention.

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