February 2023

Diamond Jewellers In Hyderabad

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One of the most precious and best-known gemstones are diamonds. Since the beginning of the use of jewellery, diamond has been one of the most important and popular gemstones used in it. The first uses of the diamond can be traced back to 25,000 to 30,000 BC. Diamonds became an important substance for making jewellery due to two factors. They are:

1) the hardness of the diamond which makes it unbreakable and less vulnerable

2) it’s the ability to disperse light highly. Diamonds are graded and certified based on the four C’s. The four C’s denote colour, cut, clarity and carat. These factors increase the value of a diamond.

Since the existence of civilization, diamonds have been used in jewellery. Diamonds were claimed to have several supernatural powers in the earlier times such as a diamond gives victory to the wearer, etc. Diamond jewellery usually has very intricate and acute work and need extremely skilled craftsmen to do it. The designs used in diamond jewellery have changed over the years with the change in time. Nowadays, diamonds are mostly used in engagement rings. The use of diamonds in engagement or wedding rings can be traced back to the middle ages.  Diamond jewellery has always been a very integral part of our cultural lives. It also plays a huge role in our economic system. Jewellery stores are usually opened by jewellers who are skilled craftsmen and know how to make jewellery look eye-catching.

There are tons of skilled jewellers in Hyderabad. The demand for diamond jewellery is very high in Hyderabad which has to lead to an increase in the number of jewellers available.

Some of the diamond jewellers in Hyderabad are :

  • Krishna Jewellers Pearls & Gems:They specify in gold jewellery in many different styles and designs. They are one of the leading jewellers in Hyderabad. They offer a fabulous collection of exquisite, elegant, fashionable diamond jewellery in impressive designs which are made by a bunch of amazingly skilled craftsmen. They have a wide range of collections and houses a number of skilled craftsmen.
  • Manepally Jewellers: They have been a trusted name for over five generations in Hyderabad. It was founded by ManepallyRaghavulu in 1890 and since then it has one of the best diamond craftsmanship with amazing quality and designs. Manepally’s specially crafted jewellery includes special necklaces, earrings, bangles, bracelets, rings, etc. They house a very large collection of diamond jewellerywhich is crafted by one of the most skilled craftsmen of Hyderabad.
  • Totaram and Sons: Totaram’s in Hyderabad house one of the finest quality of diamond jewellery. To the jewellers of Totaram, diamond jewellery has always been a passion. A passion which they showcase in the beautifully crafted jewellery. It is home to an amazing collection of exceptional diamond jewellery crafted by one of the best craftsmen. They have the finest and latest diamond jewellery collection and are trusted all over Hyderabad.
  • Vasundhara: The first woman in Hyderabad to establish a jewellery business displaying a true sense of art in her designs. She houses creators who believe in creating crafts for life and not just jewellery. They have one of the best and latest designs.

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