March 2023

Diamond Jewellery Designs

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Diamonds hold a special place in every woman’s heart, as a symbol of love and romance. All women desire to have that sparkling and scintillating piece of rock on their fingers or their necks, to add a Lustre to their body. Since time immemorial, Kings and Queens have been fascinated with diamond jewellery, and even today, women and diamonds are inseparable. Women’s wish to possess diamonds can partly be explained by the fact that diamond is said to be the birthstone of the Greek goddess of love, wealth and desirability. Diamonds are a symbol of sophistication and sensuality.

Diamond Jewellery

But this stone of glitz and glamour is formed from one of the simplest element – carbon, under the Earth’s crust for millions and millions of years, under extremely high temperatures and pressures. This makes diamond one of the hardest discovered substances on Earth, they can almost never be destroyed.

Diamond Jewellery Hyderabad

The jewellery industry is constantly coming up with innovative Diamond jewellery designs to keep up with the changing choices of the customers with time. And with more availability, diamonds are becoming more affordable. However, they remain to be one of the most expensive, amongst all kind of other jewellery like gold, silver, gemstones, etc. For daily wear, or party wear or gifting purpose – diamonds can serve all occasions. In weddings, diamonds are a hot favourite of brides – a beautiful diamond set will make sure you are the centre of attention throughout the day. Talking of weddings, engagements call for a sparkling diamond ring that men can propose to their loved ones with – any woman’s face will light up with happiness! As timeless stones, diamonds are perfect for any age group, from young girls to their mothers and grandmothers, everyone can pull off diamonds. However, while buying diamond jewellery Hyderabad, there are some things to keep in mind :

The value of a diamond depends on its carats, cut, colour, and clarity.

The weight of diamonds is measured in carats. Approximately 200 milligrams equal to one carat. As the carats increase, so does the size of the Diamond, and consequently, the price also increases.

The Second aspect of the diamond is it’s cut – in its rough form, a diamond is nothing but a piece of white rock. It needs to cut and polished to give it the desired sparkle and shine. There are a variety of cuts – princess, pear, oval, marquise, round are some of the popular ones. Cutting the diamonds is an art, the better the cutting, the more expensive it. Diamond cutters are usually highly experienced and skilled, making them high in demand to diamond companies.

The third facet of the diamond is it’s colour – to a novice, it will seem white and sparkly, but a professional person can spot any yellow or brown tint. The whiteness of the diamond determines its value.

Finally, the last aspect influencing the cost of the diamond is its clarity. This is why natural diamonds are so expensive – because they are naturally high in clarity.

All these features, make diamonds one of the most desirable stones for women- which woman wouldn’t like a big, luminescent diamond on their rings or neck!

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