February 2023

Dress Like The Royals For Your Wedding With Pearl Wedding Necklaces

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A wedding is a prime event for anyone and merits the use of the most exclusive jewellery with exotic pearls and stones. A pearl wedding necklace is the most charming addition that you can make to your wedding trousseau. The sheer brilliance of authentic pearls and their radiant shine makes them an item of beauty which graces your selective wedding outfits. Add a touch of royalty to your attire with these alluring pearl wedding necklace in your vanity.

  1. Ruby & Pearl Mesh Necklace Set

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The beauty of this pearl wedding necklace emerges from its royal design and choicest collection of pearls with which it is strung together. The radiant stones on the pearl wedding necklace are handpicked and styled with intricate care, ensuring that the final result is a necklace worthy of a bride’s ensemble. Pair it together with matching earrings which accompany the necklace and fine bangles and maang tikka to give your outfit a complete look.

  1. Mango Design Gold Necklace Set With Pearl Drops

Mango Design Gold Necklace Set With Pearl Drops

If you are looking for something exclusive and thrilling to go along with your bridal outfit, here is a delicate pearl wedding necklace with the most exquisite design and embellishments on it. The brilliant base of gold beams with radiance under the beauty of polished pearls, which come together to give this necklace a complete look. On its own, this pearl wedding necklace gives a complete look to your attire and appears well complimented with diamond bangles.

  1. Gold With Kakamoti Pearl String Necklace

Buy Gold With Kakamoti Pearl String Necklace

If you are seeking something traditional, then here is an enchanting pearl wedding necklace with an intricate carving of lords on a huge chunk of gold, which is attached together with delicate strings of pearls and gold beads. Depending on your style, you can either leave this pearl wedding necklace alone or add a choker along with it to add a heavy and glamorous look.

  1. Multicolour Stone With Pearl Polki Haram Necklace

Buy Multicolour Stone With Pearl Polki Haram Necklace at Krishnapearls.com

This pearl wedding necklace is a compilation of exclusive stones, pearls and a gleaming base of gold. The enchanting and traditional design of this necklace boasts of intricate embellishments and carvings, which offer a royal look to your get-up. On this own, this necklace is a complete deal for your wedding day. Add a set of gold bangles and maang tikka to complete the overall look and shine bright like a goddess.

  1. Bridal Multicolour Stone With Pearl Polki Necklace

Bridal Multicolour Stone With Pearl Polki Necklace at Krishnapearls

If you wish to opt for something subtler, here is a beautiful pearl wedding necklace which is designed on a string of gold beads and completed with shining stones and pearls. The intricate craftsmanship on this necklace makes it a royal treat for the eyes and your attire.

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