December 2022

Essential Tips For Cleaning Pearl Jewellery!

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And your pearl jewellery does require the right care. Be it earrings, necklaces or rings, they all need to be protected from losing their shine! Yes, they are organic and sensitive but with proper protection; this gem can be quite resilient too. Cleaning pearl jewelry, as you will see, is not really difficult!

All you have to do is be a little cautious with your valuable pearl jewellery. And definitely keep them far away from chemicals. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can surely give a try –

Keep them separate

Let your pearl accessories be the lone star of the jewellery box as they don’t mix well with other jewellery products. Keep them from coming in contact with other precious metals, gemstones, etc. and they will be fine!

This is because a pearl’s surface can scratch easily. Hence, lesser the contact, all the better for you. And because you will be keeping the accessories in a separate box, why not opt for velvet or silk-lined bags!

Storage is important

Plastic bags are not the ideal storage space for pearls. The same goes for paper bags too. Both plastic and paper emit chemicals which can harm the pearl’s sensitive surface. And what is even worse is the small fractures that might develop on the surface.

Good news is that you don’t have to purchase soft pouches separately for storing these precious gems. This is where the jewellery stores are helpful as they will wrap the stunning pearls in soft pouches. Soft cloths are gentle and they do a great job in keeping away oil and dirt from the pearls! Your pearl care routine just became simpler.

The cleaning process

The “handle with care” mantra is essential to keep in mind when cleaning pearl jewellery like brooch, pendant, or Jhumkas. Dipping them in water is strictly not allowed as it can cause damage. So can vinegar, ammonia and ultrasonic cleaner!

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The latter is especially harmful because it can corrode the pearl’s delicate surface which is called ‘nacre’. All you need is a soft cloth to gently wipe the surface of perspiration or water and you are good to go!

With a little gentleness and appropriate care, your pearl jewellery can remain its gorgeous self forever! Preparing a mild pearl cleaning solution will be an ideal option for cleaning pearl necklace. Just remember to remove that stunning pearl necklace or pearl studs before applying your hairspray or perfume. No matter how long or tiring your day has been, never forget to take off the pearl jewellery first and storing them safely.

And of course, your pearl necklace or pendant should always be the last thing you adorn yourself with before stepping out for the day or night! Also, do not let the pearls be exposed to rough fabrics like wool, fleece, or tweed!

Pearls that are properly cared for will always enhance beauty and will surely make you feel elegant, as well.

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