February 2023

Flaunt It! These Long Necklace Designs Will Make A Statement

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These Long Necklace Designs Are All You Need to Enhance Your Look! 

Every woman flaunts her beauty with her choice of clothes and jewellery that will elevate her charm. A long necklace design brings a charm to her look that cannot be matched with anything else. The quality of a long necklace design lies in how elegantly it highlights her beauty and completes her look.

Here are some exclusive long necklace design options for you, designed to help you grace every occasion with your glamour and charm.

  • Two-layer Pearl Necklace 

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This authentic gold and pearl necklace is the epitome of elegance. The long necklace design is complete with strings of pearls and stones which can beautify your look in an instant. It can be easily paired with sarees and lehengas for the perfect combination.

  • Uncut Diamond Peacock Emerald Necklace

Buy Uncut Diamond Peacock Emerald Necklace

This long necklace design is a marvellous creation which is crafted with uncut diamonds on a base of pure gold. The multi-stone necklace also displays hints of ruby and emerald stones which can be adorned together with any suit or gown and paired together with pearl studs.

  • Step Gold Necklace

Buy Step Gold Necklace at Krishnapearls

Among the most spectacular of all long necklace design is this option. Designed with authentic and polished diamonds and pearls, this necklace is the perfect item to pair with your opulent dresses. The shining stones of ruby and emerald will add the ideal bling for your reflection and brighten your day. Choose this exclusive long necklace design for a special occasion.

  • Gold with Diamond Pacchi necklace

Buy Gold with Diamond Pacchi necklace at Krishnapearls

If you are looking for something heavy among long necklace design options, here is a piece of ethereal beauty for you. The multiple strings of pearl, gold and diamonds amplify the beauty of this long necklace design so that you can grace every occasion with it by your side. The unique combination of stones and diamonds highlight the rhythmic beauty of this necklace.

  • Kundan Haram Necklace

Buy Kundan Haram Necklace at Krishna Pearls

The beauty and bling of this long necklace design make it the perfect item of jewellery for every occasion. The gold peacock necklace is studded with emeralds and rubies, which gives it the look of royalty. The polka diamond stones give it a finishing look which looks mesmerising with other jewellery. Due to the range of hues used in this necklace, it can be easily paired with any outfit for a defined look.

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