February 2023
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Freshwater Pearls- Most Common and Affordable Pearls

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Pearls have been treasured in almost every Civilization that we have seen throughout history. Adored mostly for their beauty, Pearls have also been used as currencies. Till date, they symbolize elegance and timelessness, whether it is classical jewellery or modern.

Pearls can be of two types – natural and cultured. When layers of nacre from a mollusk come in contact with an oysters shell, a pearl is formed. Natural pearls are extremely rare, making them expensive and difficult to find. Whereas Cultured Pearls are more easily available in various sizes, colours, shapes and prices. And With the advancement of technology, it is even difficult to tell the difference between the two at times. This is helping pearls remain a popular choice for people.

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How to choose your pearl?

There are a few criteria’s to keep in mind while choosing a Pearl:

  • Lustre- the Most-Shiny or lustrous a pearl is, the more expensive it is.
  • Surface quality- look for imperfections or blemishes on the surface of the pearl. The clearer the surface the more expensive the pearl is.
  • Shape- the pearls that are more round shaped are usually higher priced than other shapes. Although what shape you prefer is your personal choice.
  • Size- the largest size of the pearl the most expensive it is
  • What are Freshwater pearls?
  • Freshwater Pearls are mostly grown in mussels in lakes ponds and rivers. They are Usually white in colour and are also produced in other pastel colours like pink, and in the shapes- round, oval and teardrop. Freshwater pearls are very lustrous. Most Freshwater pearls come from China – making Chinese Freshwater pearls one of the types that are popular amongst the customers.
  • What are Freshwater pearls affordable?
  • Freshwater pearls are not so expensive to cultivate as each mussle can produce up to 30 pearls at a time. Being cultured for a short duration of time, Freshwater pearls are budget-friendly, depending on what quality you choose.
  • Bridal Freshwater pearl jewellery:
  • cultured freshwater pearls can make for classy and affordable Bridal Jewellery. While the most common bridal looks incorporate Golden jewellery, be out of the box, with your must have.

Freshwater Pearls Bridal Jewellery.

  • Brides opting for a royal or vintage look can pair their outfits with layered Pearl Necklaces, gorgeous earrings, and bracelets. Whether it is a traditional look or a modern one, the versatile Freshwater pearls will compliment them all. You can go for the classic white pearls, or match or colour block your outfit with coloured pearls. And not only for yourself, But You can also get simpler pieces to gift to your loved ones present at the wedding.

Where to buy authentic pearls from?

With a ton of companies selling various varieties of pearls, it can be confusing to decide whom to choose. Whatever be your investment – big or small, make sure you’re careful while buying Freshwater pearls. It is recommended to choose a highly reputable vendor, to ensure your product is of high quality that comes with some authenticity guarantee.





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