May 2023

Genuine Hyderabad Pearl Jewellery Designs

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Hyderabad, also known as ‘The City of Pearls,’ is famous for its biryani, kebabs, and, not to forget, its pearls. Did you know that many people come to India only to buy the best Hyderabadi pearl jewellery?

The Nizams played an active role in putting the city of Hyderabad on the world’s map for pearl trading and making it a one-stop shop for the exquisite quality of pearls.

The pearl trade has grown exponentially, and pearl jewellery designs have also evolved over a period of time. A unique pearl jewellery design mainly related to Hyderabad is ‘Satlada,’ a seven-stringed necklace (also known as the pearl rani haar).

Krishna Jewellers Pearls & Gems have been creating and selling handcrafted pearl jewellery in Hyderabad. They are considered the premium seller of mother of pearl jewellery, like pearl strings, pearl bangles, pearl sets and pearl earrings, pearl bracelets, pearl pendant sets and pearl rings, etc. in the market.

They believe in creating exclusive and latest handcrafted pearl jewellery; each set is made keeping an eye for detail and is unique in its style. Their beautiful collection displays the elegance of Nizamshahi aesthetics.

Their pearl jewellery is exquisite, and they deal in only the highest quality of pearls. Their core value is to provide utmost satisfaction to customers in both offline and online spaces.

Assured quality and exquisite designs

The pearls used by the Krishna Jewellers Pearls & Gems are only of the finest quality. Their pearl jewellery sets are made with intricate designs and open for customizations per your style and need. They also sell pearl jewellery, including mother of pearl jewellery, online.

Buying pearls is all about trust, and as Krishna Jewellers continue their legacy, they continue to be completely trusted by their customers for delivering 100% genuine pearls.

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