December 2022

Gold Bracelet Designs for Ladies

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Gold Bracelets

Women and jewellery are almost inseparable – one is incomplete without the other. There are tons of variety to choose from – materials like a Gold bracelet, Silver, diamond, Kundan, Gemstones, Platinum etc and categories like earrings, necklace, pendant, bracelet, anklet etc. With more and more innovations every day, more variety is coming up in the market to suit every budget, every occasion and every age group.

When you’ve decided on your necklace and your earrings, to complete your look, your wrists shouldn’t be empty. You can go to bangles or bracelets. Now, bangles can be heavy, as they are many in number and ought to be worn in both hands. They can make working with your hands difficult. So the smarter yet fashionable option today is the bracelet. You can go for a heavy one or a light one – depending on the occasion. With infinite gold bracelet designs for ladies to choose from, go for a heavy work gold bracelet if you’re the bride. The wedding day is all about being gorgeous – from your beautiful saree or lehenga to your dazzling  jewellery. To keep up with this extravaganza, you must have a pair of golden bracelets. They could be pure gold, or gemstones studded in gold, or gold outlined with pearls. If you’re the groom, you could gift your to-be wife, a nice bracelet, but make sure you have the correct size of the wrist. If you have no experience of buying jewellery before, make sure you consult someone who has a better idea about jewellery to avoid any inconveniences.

Not just to weddings, bracelets can be worn anywhere. Wear it to a party, or you can wear a light one daily to office or college. Youngsters and office goers don’t prefer wearing too much jewellery, but bracelets are girls’ favourites. They’re lightweight, fit for wearing daily and affordable. Moms and grandmoms can also indulge in bracelets – mothers can wear a designed one to parties or other occasions, and wear a lighter one for daily use and the so can the grandmothers. Even the little girls can wear cute bracelets when going somewhere. Bracelets also make the ideal gifts for birthdays, or anniversaries or marriages etc. While buying gold bracelets, however, some things have to be kept in mind:

Navratan Beed Bracelet

  • The jeweller from whom you’re buying the jewellery must be a trusted one. They should provide you with authenticity, guarantee and proper bills.
  • Compare different companies to get a better idea
  • If you’re a novice at buying jewellery, take advice from a family member or friend who has knowledge about jewellery
  • Get your jewellery customised if you want to
  • Opt for a lighter material, because chances are that you’ve to wear them for long hours
  • Decide on a budget and don’t go beyond that. You don’t want to spend unnecessarily and then complain about it later
  • Know what’s trending, what the latest designs are, what are they to be worn with, etc
  • Try to go for classics because you plan on wearing the jewellery more than once, so you should choose something that doesn’t go out of fashion easily

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