February 2023
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Here’s Whats New & Modern In Pearl Necklace Designs

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Your Sneak-Peek Into The Latest Pearl Necklace Designs!

Pearl necklaces have a special place in every woman’s jewellery collection. They exude royalty, make you feel nostalgic and yet, impress the modern woman in you. Pearls have become a favourite of the contemporary woman. They are affordable, classy, elegant, and most importantly, they are easy to carry.

The modern pearl necklace designs are innovative, experimental and strikingly beautiful. Jewellery designers are realising that customers want unique and inventive pearl necklaces. The demand is pushing them to come up with modern pearl necklace designs.

Here are some of the new and modern pearl necklace designs that are in touch with the current trends and are sure to take your breath away.

  • Pearl Necklace With Heart Design

Pearl Necklace With Heart Design

The single pearl hanging in this pearl necklace with heart design is sure to tug at your heartstrings. The simplicity of this modern pearl necklace design makes it versatile and perfect for everyday wear. You can wear it with a kurta and palazzo set or with an ethnic maxi dress.

  • Simple Pearl Necklace

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Every working woman knows the struggle of finding a necklace that is professional and unique. This simple pearl necklace fits the bill perfectly. Whether you are someone who wears western office wear such as formal pants and shirts or someone who wears Indian office wear such as kurtas or saree, this modern pearl necklace design will become a permanent fixture on your neckline.

  • Gold ball necklace

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Looking for modern pearl necklace designs that can complement an evening gown? Your search ends with this gold ball necklace. It features floral gold balls, exquisite pearls and gold balls studded with emeralds and rubies. The contemporary design is a fine example of modern pearl necklace designs that blend traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics.

  • Pebble Necklace

Buy Pebble Necklace Online at Krishnapearls

Modern pearl necklace designs are all about versatility and adding different stones with the pearls. This pearl, ruby and emerald pebble necklace can awaken the boho-princess in your heart. The simple yet eye-catching design is just what you need to complete your look for a brunch with friends.

  • Multi-Strand Pearl Necklace

Buy Multi-Strand Pearl Necklace

Multistranded and multilayered necklaces can elevate any outfit. This multistranded pearl necklace has both tiny pearls and gold beads. Since the necklace features white pearls, you can wear this with outfits of any colour without worrying about it clashing. You can carry off modern pearl necklace designs such as this one with both western and Indian festive wear.

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