March 2023
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The History Of Hyderabadi Pearls

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If you are looking for Hyderabadi pearls, look no further. We at Krishna Pearls have the latest in designs, choices, and fashion for you. But first, we would like to educate you on the history of Hyderabadi Pearls.

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Known as the ‘City of Pearls’, Hyderabad is the place to be, when you desire to have beautiful pearl jewelry. It was due to the Nizams who ruled the city for more than two hundred years, that the city got its nickname as the ‘City of Pearls’.

Lifestyles back then were wealthy for the Nizams and this brought many jewelers and traders from across the country and the globe to Hyderabad. Especially traders from the Middle East came and set up shop here and they made offers to the Nizams for their pearl jewelry at prices that were unmatched and unbelievable.

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This is what made pearls so profound and popular amongst the women and the girls back then and it became an important fashion statement and a cultural norm to wear pearls; which even till date exists in Hyderabad.

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You would find pearl jewelry everywhere in Hyderabad these days. From small to large, cultured to royal-looking ones; there is an abundance of pearl jewelry everywhere. If you want to buy pearls, you don’t have to go from shop to shop. You can come and visit us at Krishna Pearls and we would be glad to help you.

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In Hyderabad, pearls have an extended and very lavish history. It was a jeweler for the royals named Ram Dutt Malji, who started it all with a shop in 1906. In the beginning, they depended on pearls from the Gulf coast. The Nizams were very attuned to wearing pearls for every occasion and hence wore pearls for every occasion. Ram Dutt Malji was the only trader and owner of a pearl shop back then, so the Nizams appointed him as a royal jeweler and had pieces made by them. But now you can come to Krishna Pearls and choose your best.

So here was a short history of Hyderabadi pearls. Come and visit us, so as to enable us to serve you.

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