May 2023
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Jewellery as Special as Your Best Friend!

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She’s your best friend. She’s your soul sister. She is the one with whom you share all your secrets. She’s your favorite. And buying her just any gift will certainly not do! So how do you go on about choosing the right thing for her? By gifting her fabulous piece of jewellery, of course!

You don’t need a special day or occasion for telling your best friend what she means to you. But by giving her some form of fashion jewellery, no matter how small it is, will surely help in cementing your bond. Because your bestie will now have something permanent with her, which will always remind her of you.

Here are a few options which you can explore when it comes to choosing the perfect gift –

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  • Prettiness of Pendants – Which girl does not adore pendants? They all do, especially if they are made from precious metals like Yellow Gold, White Gold, Platinum. And every pendant is incomplete without a sleek chain. So you can experiment with both gold chains and silver chains, as well.

A pretty gemstone silver pendant in vibrant hue will never fail to impress her. If your best friend is the demure type, then a pearl pendant, surrounded with sparkling stones, will be just the right thing for her. However, if she has an edgy and bold personality, then diamond pendants, designed in an eye-catching fashion will be perfect. Gemstone, Rubies, Amethyst are popular gemstone choices.


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  • Exquisiteness of earrings – The right pair of earrings will surely win your best friend over! Gold and diamond earrings are eternal favorites so you can certainly never go wrong with them! You can also choose a dainty, delicate pair of precious stone or pearl studs. And if your best girl is a free-spirit, then chandelier earrings and danglers will suit her amazingly!

She will also look resplendent by wearing a grand pair of Chaandbaalis which can be studded with dazzling gemstones and pearls. It will also match with her traditional outfits which gives you all the reason to buy her Chaandbaalis!

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  • Beauty of Bracelets – A delicate chain with pearl, gemstone drops is the ideal type of bracelets for women. However, chunky designer bracelets are equally popular, too! Your best friend will absolutely love Gold bracelets decorated with dazzling diamonds and Pearl stranded bracelets with a silver clasp.

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Such jewellery pieces are elegant and are always in style. White Gold and gemstone beaded bracelets are classy and perfect as gifts.

So, keep in mind these pointers when choosing appropriate jewellery for your best friend. Be it a bracelet or pendant, it is the thought behind gifting the jewellery piece to her that matters!

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