March 2023

Jewellery Trends this Summer!

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The lazy walks, the chilly drinks, and the cool shades are some of the musts in summer to stay away from the sweltering heat. But, what do the fashion police say when it comes to flaunting jewellery during this season? Dressing up for the hot months can be really tricky. The mere thought of wearing heavy jewellery, during this time can force you to break into sweat.

But this summer, things will be different as you will be spoilt for choice. There’s a wide range of fashionable spring-summer jewellery available to choose from. It is now possible to look classy and gorgeous with dainty yet statement pieces that will help you stand out.

Now, you will obviously not want to go over the top by wearing a matching set of bracelet or bangle with a necklace and big earrings! At times, keeping it minimal might just do the trick.

Simple yet bold

While some may opt for delicate chains, simple pendants and a cuff bracelet, others prefer to go for a statement piece, which can be anything from a chunky bangle to a cocktail ring.

Stacking on brightly colored bangles or beaded bracelets can accentuate your wrist. It also gives your look a Bohemian twist which is perfect for summer. Also, anklets are quite in fashion now and they feel fabulously light.

Say it with pearls!

For beating the summer heat, why not wear ear studs? The choice here is diverse as these studs can be decorated with gemstones, diamonds, and even pearls. Earrings like pearl drops are simple yet elegant. What is even better is that they are fuss-free and will always be a summer fashion favourite.

Now that pearls have been mentioned, let’s see the ways in which you can incorporate it in your summer collection. You can try and experiment with multiple pearl strands or twist two to three pearl strings in order to give it a different look. Combining different shades, lengths, and sizes of pearls into multiple strands will be ideal, too.

Choose the right chain

During winter months, wearing chunky, dangling earrings often becomes a nuisance as it gets stuck on your scarves or sweaters. However, the summer months offer you plenty of opportunities to go big and bold with such statement earrings. Match them with a summery, chiffon outfit and get set to woo the world.

Leave the choker neckpiece behind in this humid weather, and pick up those dainty, delicate chains. Pendants on silver or gold chains are absolutely delightful. Choose from long or short chains, studded with beads and gemstones.

Finally, you can focus on the colour of your chosen jewellery piece. If you want to be different from others, then go bold with brightly coloured rings, necklaces and earrings. However, if you want to be subtle, then you can opt for shades of white or any other softer, pastel shades. With these jewellery tips, you are sure to sail through the summer in style.

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