March 2023
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Jewellery That Will Take You To 9-5 & Beyond: Best Work Jewellery Pieces

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6 Office Wear Jewellery To Turn Around Your Monday Blues!

Whether you are getting ready for an important meeting or just a regular day at work, it is important to dress smartly and be at your professional best. Our workplace attires help us to create an impression while subtle office wear jewellery helps us feel smart and confident. There will never be a single dull day when you have so many different kinds of office wear jewellery to choose from!

So, here are six office wear jewellery that you should check out before heading out to your workplace!

  • Pearl Earrings 

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Earrings are the most common accessory that you can wear on any occasion and at any place! So, why leave your office behind? These pearl silver earrings are the perfect office wear jewellery on days you have an important meeting with a client or any other regular day. Style it with office pants/pencil skirt and formal shirt or any western wear.

  • Pearl Bracelet

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If you think a classy and understated bracelet will go unnoticed, you are wrong! This elegant office wear jewellery is perfect for the days when you want to keep it sharp yet subtle. Style this pearl bracelet with any western wear, and you are good to go!

  • Navaratan Studs

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Why limit your office wear jewellery to western elements, when you can wear this pretty Navaratan stud earrings. Be it a terrace party, or a team meeting; these earrings can be styled with a saree or any other ethnic attire to make the ultimate fashion statement at work! You can also wear them with fancy western tops.

  • Pearl Neck Chain

Buy Pearl Neck Chain

If you left for work in a hurry and all the accessory you have is this beautiful pearl necklace on you, then that is all you need for your day! This classy office wear jewellery can be complemented with any western or traditional outfit when you want to make your look chic as well as sophisticated. Style it with V-neck clothes.

  • Emerald Bracelet 

Buy Emerald Bracelet Online

There are days when you may feel like wearing ethnic to the office and glamming up your look with a touch of traditional elements. On days like these, you can opt for office wear jewellery such as the gorgeous diamond emerald bracelet. This bracelet goes perfectly well with any ethnic outfit such as kurtas or can be worn with heavy outfits for an office party.

  • Pearl Necklace

Buy Pearl Necklace Online

There is nothing like the feeling of confidence with a hanging pearl on your neck! Pearl necklaces such as these can be worn on any occasion – be it an office party, a conference, or an ordinary grinding workday. This office wear jewellery will add a soft poise to your demeanour as you style it with V-neck dresses or shirts.

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