May 2023
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Just Bead It! Match Your Sarees With These Stunning Beaded Necklaces

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These Stunning Beaded Necklaces Are Perfect For Your Beautiful Sarees!

Jewellery has been a decorative item that women have been wearing for centuries. Earlier, people made ornaments using bones and shells. However, with changing times, new items have been introduced into the market. One such popular item is beads. Beaded jewellery include pearls, stones, shells, and other small elements in various colours and designs. Beads are used to make different types of jewellery like chokers, necklaces, earrings, chains, bracelets etc. Beads necklace for saree has become quite popular these days with women investing in elaborate gold and silver beaded jewellery for various occasions.

If you’re looking out for beads necklace for saree designs, then take a look at these fashionable and trendy designs to match up with your sarees.

  • Flower Design Gold Necklace

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This beads necklace for saree is elegant and exquisite. It’s a 22-carat gold necklace with flower-shaped emerald, ruby and a pearl drop design. A beautiful white or off-white beaded necklace like this can be worn with a gorgeous black or red saree.

  • Gold Beaded Necklace

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If you’re looking for a simple gold beads necklace for saree, then this gold beaded necklace would be perfect. This dazzling necklace comes with white pearls and golden beads with petal cuts to create a gorgeous and minimalist look.

  • Multi-Strand Pearl Necklace

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Multi-strand beads necklace for saree is one of the most popular types of beaded jewellery used to make sarees stand out. Beads necklace for saree is available in stunning colours like bright red, blue and green. This multi-strand necklace is made using tiny white pearls with golden beads. It’s a statement necklace to pair with any silk or netted saree.

  • 3-Line Ruby Beads Gold Necklace 

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If you’re confused about the type of jewellery to wear with your saree, then a stunning beads necklace for saree is always the way to go. You could choose a 3-line necklace like this that’s made with South Sea pearls and real ruby beads in a cap knotted style to look fashionable. The 3-line neckpiece, along with the beads, creates the right glitter and shine needed to make even a simple saree stand out beautifully.

  • Gold Kakamoti Pearl String Necklace

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When it comes to beads necklace for saree designs, you can choose from a wide variety of colours and styles. This is a traditional gold kakamoti pearl string necklace that is made with multi-strings and a big Lords pendant studded with stones. You could choose a beads necklace for saree like this one if you want a very ethnic look.

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