February 2023
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Ladies, Here Is Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Tahitian Pearls

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Tahitian Pearls: A Pocket Guide On The World’s Most Lustrous Pearl! 

Cultivated in the tropical islands of French Polynesia, Tahitian pearls are exquisite shiny drops of jewellery that have dazzled people around the world since ages! These saltwater pearls are one of a kind and are found in a natural black and charcoal grey colour.

The Tahitian pearls are called so because they are exported from the Tahiti island, even though, they are grown across five islands archipelagos and atolls. These pearls are shiny, gracious and known to be the world’s most delicate black pearls.  Given below are all the details you need to know about these glorious Tahitian pearls.

  • Colour 

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The body tone of these Tahitian pearls can vary from silvery-dove grey to dark charcoal. The shimmery overtones make these pearls beautifully embracive. Some of the most popular overtones are – Peacock ( mix of green, gold, and rose), Silver with a touch of misty-white, Blue hues, Aubergine ( eggplant purple), bronze, etc.

You can see the beautiful mixture of body tone with a unique overtone in these Tahitian pearl stud earrings which can go with any western or traditional outfit.

  • Shapes 

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Tahitian pearl drop earrings come in varied shapes such as baroque ovals, round and asymmetrical free forms. The ones shown above are a perfect example of round pearls. This elegant jewellery works well with summer dresses as well as with simple cotton sarees.


The Pinctada oyster produces Tahitian pearls ranging from 8mm to 15mm during maturity! Often compared to the size of a US dime, these pearls may look small, but because of their unique occurrence and peculiarity, they make for an excellent addition to your collection.

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This Tahitian Grey Necklace string has pearls sizing 12mm and can be styled with any western dress and ethnic wear to keep your look classy and understated.

  • Grading

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Tahitian pearls are graded on an A-D scale with ‘A’ being the most lustrous and expensive pearl with almost zero blemishes and ‘D’ being the least lustrous pearl with 60% blemishes. While there is a very high demand for the ‘A’ grade pearls, ‘D’ grade pearls are not sold at all. The quality of these Tahitian pearls is judged on five primary factors – lustre, surface quality, colour, matching, and nacre thickness.

This Tahitian finger ring is high on quality and will be a perfect gift for your loved one to wear on any occasion!

  • Affordability 

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It takes about two years to culture Tahitian pearls and adding lustre and shine takes a lot of effort and time; thus making these pearls a bit expensive. An ‘A’ quality perfect round Tahitian pearls will cost more than ‘A’ quality baroque pearls because round pearls take longer to harvest.

This Tahitian grey pearl necklace string is embellished with perfectly round pearls. It can be worn with a collared dress or a boat neck western wear.

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