March 2023

Latest Uncut Diamond Necklace Designs

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piece of jewellery which is worn around the neck is called a necklace. Necklaces can be of various shapes and sizes but they all go around the neck. Necklaces were one of the first types of ornaments to be worn by humans in the early years. Necklaces can be used in different ceremonies varying from weddings to funerals. They were generally used as a sign of wealth and status.

The necklace can be made up different precious metals such as GoldDiamond, platinum. They may have additional attachments either hanging or installed into it. These attachments consist of different precious and semi-precious stones such as emeralds, garnets, pearlsrubies, turquoise, etc.

Diamonds are white sparkling stones with vividness and lustre which people wore any time or for any occasions. The simplicity, gracefulness and beauty of a diamond can be vividly captured in a necklace.

Latest uncut diamond necklace designs have changed a lot since the earlier times. Modern-day necklaces are made to match with any kinds of dresses ranging from traditional to western to Indo-western. People’s taste in jewellery has changed a lot over the year which has to lead to the change in designs.

Certain different kinds of latest diamond necklace designs are:

Simple Diamond Necklace For Women: Simple Diamond Necklacesconsist of a simple yet thick chain with any type of attachments such as alphabets, flowers, names, stars and moon or any other abstract designs. The plain chain which falls on the neck makes the design or pattern stand out.

Expensive Heavy Diamond Necklaces: These kinds of necklaces are usually of higher value because they are mainly made up of high quality and expensive diamonds. These necklaces belong to international companies or brands which gives them a brand value. The artwork and the brilliance of these necklaces can be noticed just by looking at these necklaces.

Light Weight Diamond Necklaces: These are not so heavy diamond necklace sets with simple designs. They come along with a pair of matching earrings. They can be used for any simple occasion such as engagements, office functions, birthdays, etc. They are usually very delicate and should be handled with care.

Kundan Diamond Sets With Pearls: Kundan is one of the very popular designs among the Indian tradition and is used mainly for weddings and various traditional occasions. Kundan diamond necklaces are usually based on either a gold or silver base. These necklaces have very intricate designs and usually studded with various precious gemstones and pearls. The pearls are added for a royal look. They were previously used by kings and queens.

Ruby-Kundan Diamond SetsRubies, Kundans, Diamonds and various other gemstones are fused into one amazing diamond necklace set with matching earrings. It has amazing and intricate designs with very minute details. These necklaces have a diamond base and are studded with numerous rubies and Kundan. These necklace are usually of high value since they are studded with expensive gemstones.

Peacock Diamond Designer Necklaces: The national bird of India, peacock, is heavily used in necklaces nowadays because it is the symbol of pride and beauty. The type of necklaces is heavily worked, studded with diamond and are usually heavy. The colours of the peacock match finely with the white colour of the diamonds which makes it vibrant.

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