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Look Like A Million Bucks In Elegant Pearl Bridal Jewellery Sets

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Shop For These Elegant Pearl Bridal Jewellery Sets For Your Big Day!

A wedding day is a very special day in one’s life, where a bride hopes to dress up elegantly in the best outfit and adorn the prettiest jewels and pearl bridal jewellery sets. Indeed, this is a day when you should get a chance to put your best foot forward and shine. Take a look at these exclusive pearl bridal jewellery sets which will enhance your bridal look!

  • Pearls and Blue Stone Set

Buy Pearls and Blue Stone Set

For a subtle and stylish look, you can go with this type of pearl bridal jewellery set which go along really well with added layers of jewellery. The vibrant hue of blue gives this necklace a royal look, and the addition of diamonds and pearls around it gives it a completely charming appearance. If you are wearing something in the shade of pink, you can match it with this set and add more strings of pearls to accentuate your look.

  • Pearls With Emeralds Necklace Set 

Buy Pearl Emerald Necklace Set at Krishnapearls

Looking for designer pearl bridal jewellery sets? Your search ends with this opulent set, which gives you the most elegant look that any pearl bridal jewellery set could offer. Find the perfect emerald stone in a square shape, designed on the necklace like a brooch. The matching emerald and pearl earrings give your dress a regal finishing touch. Pair this beauty with a red shaded outfit to get a majestic look.

  • Pearl Set 

Buy Pearl Set Online at Krishnapearls

Another lovely pearl bridal jewellery set for a charming red outfit is this pearl set with three strings of pearls in white and red. The oval shape of the pearls appears easily complementary with gold and diamond jewellery. Make the most of this necklace by wearing it with pearl bangles.

  • Freshwater White Seed Pearl Set

Buy Freshwater White Seed Pearl Set

Looking for pearl bridal jewellery sets with a royal and sophisticated look? This elegant necklace will steal your heart with its perfect design. The necklace is built with two strings of pearls which end in a beautiful collection of diamonds and half cut pearls. This pearl bridal jewellery set will enhance your look no matter what colour bridal wear you adorn.

  • Colourful Pearl Set

Buy Colourful Pearl Set at Krishnapearls

For a modern and ethereal look with your wedding dress, choose pearl bridal jewellery sets such as these to go along with your wedding outfit. It is easier to add another layer of gold and diamond jewellery with a single string of pearls such as this one. The diversity of colour on this set makes it a versatile option to pick for your wedding day.

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