February 2023

Make Your Journey from Engagement to Reception Memorable

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The Great Indian Wedding is preceded by engagement and followed by reception. Indians like their affairs to be grand, and wedding is certainly no exception to this. Bridal jewellery plays a pivotal role in adding grandiose to it. Here are a few titbits on the Indian bridal jewellery that Indian would-be brides might find useful.

Ever since the understanding of marriage dawns upon any girl, she looks forward to her big day with anticipation. And, her anticipation only grows as she journeys from maidenhood to marriage. All along bridal Jewellery plays a key role in her aspiration to look the very best.


The engagement can be anytime in between a month or a year before the marriage, or may be even before a year. On the engagement Day, the lovers for the first time make a social appearance as a couple. They are anxious, excited and happy.

The affair surrounding engagement also exudes resplendence. The western influence on Indian life is undeniable. And recent trends suggest that women often prefer to deck up the western way on their engagement day. A stunning gold necklace, a pair of earrings and bangles are enough to weave their magic. Choose the latest designs to keep your style statement up-to-date. Put on a black or a red gown and do justice to the minimalistic look.

Engagement Look Online

Sangeet/ Haldi Ceremony

In India, the wedding rituals are an elaborate process. The actual marriage ceremony is preceded by haldi, where turmeric paste is applied on the bride, which lends glow to her skin. If you go minimalistic on the engagement Day, and all decked up the wedding day, dress up moderately on Haldi ceremony.

Don’t be that bride who can’t enjoy her own wedding. Telugu weddings are especially incomplete without photography, video and songs. Hence, pose, click and hum to Telugu songs.

As far as jewellery is concerned, don’t overdo. But, as all eyes are going to be on you, why not spell bound them? A necklace set, another long neck piece and a pair of bangles can get you the desired look. Put on a gorgeous sari, and leave your hair open. Haldi ceremony is often clubbed with sangeet ceremony. So, get the look that lets you deliver all those jhumkas when popular Telugu songs play.


Sangeet Ceremony Online


Finally, the big day is here, and so are all eyes on you. Butterflies in stomach, the last minute scepticism and all the formality can stress you out. But, stay calm.

All brides look beautiful. The bridal jewellery selected over a year, bridal saree Pattu (as is most commonly worn by Telugus) adorns you from head to toe.

Temple jewellery happens to be popular among Telugus, which you can consider to complete your bridal look. The two most important aspects of the Bridal Jewellery attire are the waist-bands and the maangtikka. Take a cue from our model to nail your big day look.

Choose your wedding jewellery with care as you are going to treasure it for your life.

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Less is more. Women seem to follow the same mantra even for their reception day. Choose your jewellery from the latest gold bridal jewellery collection and you are all set to rule.
A pair of big beautiful jhumkas, gold bangles and diamond neckpiece can complete your look.

Reception Jewellery

Wedding is a lively occasion but, that’s only the beginning of an amazing life-long journey with your loved one. Have a great one!


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