February 2023

Must have jewellery pieces for every wedding season

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We all know the saying that diamond is a girl’s best friend, let’s correct that to every kind of jewellery is a woman’s best friend! When an outfit is finalized, it is incomplete without accessorizing it with some jewellery. Especially in the most awaited wedding season, whether it’s you tying the Knot or you attending someone else’s wedding, carry off the look that you’ve been planning for months and perfect it with appropriate jewellery. With the variety of options available like: Kundan, gold, gold earrings online, Platinum, silver, diamonds, uncut diamond necklace sets online shopping- whether it’s something cute for little girls or simple and elegant pieces for the eldest family member. Nowadays jewellery comes in every budget as well, from work wear to party wear, lightweight or heavyweight, you have unlimited options.

Traditional jewellery played a symbolic role in a woman’s life – different pieces of jewellery like earrings, bangles etc had different a significance in our customs. In today’s time those traditions prevail, however jewellery is also a lot about fashion helping the jewellery market expand and innovate on another level. So it is no problem finding fashionable yet Traditional Jewellery for weddings to the keep the elders happy, and to keep yourself happier!

We have summed up a few pieces that you cannot miss out from your collection:

Kundan bangles with ruby emerald uncut diamonds and pearls – these beauties are a Charisma of purity, with the Ruby Uncut diamond and emerald arranged beautifully with a floral pattern. Outlined by pearls, this colourful piece can be sported by anyone – whether you’re the bride yourself or you’re the bride’s friends. You can even match it with an outfit with the same colours, or colour block. This piece can pass off as both traditional and new age fashionable.

Pearls Gold Jewellery

Chandbali Kundan jhumkis with rubies and pearls- these beautifully crafted jhumkas have a pattern that almost represents the sun and the moon together. You need these gold chand bali earrings Hyderabad to sparkle you, and let them do the talking for you! Again a mixture of tradition and modernity, this beautiful piece is a gorgeous must have.

Gold Chand Bali Earrings Hyderabad

Kundan jhumkis with Ruby and emerald beads with natural pearls – the sparkling ruby emerald gold jhumkas are what the fascinating Kundan jhumkas are all about. Lightweight and well finished, add this dash of green to your outfit to look good.

Ruby Emerald Gold Earrings

Kundan jhumkis with Ruby and emerald beads with natural pearls- this sparkling beauty will make you shine bright, with all its beautiful colours and sparkle. The centerpiece ruby and emerald gold earrings pops out amongst the Ruby and the natural pearls, just like you would in a crowd!

Gold Chand Bali Earrings Hyderabad

Kundan tops with hanging ruby emerald gold earrings and natural pearls- this beautiful top with hanging floral patterns with Ruby and emerald, is beautifully outlined with necklace like pattern of natural pearls – you cannot take your eyes of this stunning beauty of natural pearls.

Ruby and Emerald Gold Earrings

Kundan Peacock jhumkis with Ruby and natural pearls gold earrings online – this beautiful peacock shaped jhumkis outlined by rubies and little dangling pieces of natural pearls is truly no less beautiful than a peacock itself. The peacock motive adds a royal touch to the jhumkis, and makes it stand out of the crowd and exceptional looking. This uncommon piece is definitely going to steal attention and you cannot go wrong with it!

With these statement pieces in your jewellery collection, your wedding season is sorted, all you need to do is go out there and shine bright!

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