May 2023

Not Just Biryani & Chai, Here’s Why Hyderabad Is Famous For Pearls

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All The Reasons Why Hyderabad Is Famous For Pearls

Hyderabad is undoubtedly the right place for you if you are craving to see some of the most delicate pearls. Of course, it is called the City of Nawabs and is even renowned for its chai and biryani but Hyderabad is famous for pearls as well!

In Hyderabad, pearls are available at showrooms as well as with the local street vendors. This availability speaks of the large scale popularity of pearls in this part of India.

Excellent Variety 

Looking to buy Pearls pendant sets in Hyderabad? Before making this big purchase, there is something you need to know. Though Hyderabad is famous for pearls, all the pearl varieties available here are not of the same value and composition.

You can find pearl jewellery ranging from thousands to even lakhs. The main difference lies in the origin of these pearls. The natural ones will have a higher value than synthetic varieties. This excellent variety is one of the reasons why Hyderabad is famous for pearls!

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Assured High Quality

If you have plans of purchasing a Pearls yellowish necklace and earrings set, Hyderabad would be the right destination as Hyderabad is famous for pearls. This is because here you can find necklace and earring sets made of 100% natural saltwater pearls. The yellow tinge is a sign that no alteration has been made to the pearls! Such sets do not have wax coating, cutting and polishing. This assured high quality is one major reason why Hyderabad is famous for pearls!

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Another primary reason why Hyderabad is famous for pearls is that it has got every budget-conscious buyer covered. Yes, if you are on a tight Pearl Bracelet buying budget in Hyderabad, you can avail bracelets made of cultured pearls. These pieces go through different beautification procedures and are divided as per size, shine, uniformity and glaze.

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Exclusive Hyderabadi Jewellery

Hyderabad is famous for pearls, and this is evident from the different varieties of jewellery made using pearls. These include Pearls Chains, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, waistbands and enamelled sets.

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The typical Hyderabadi jewellery sets like the pearls necklace are called Satlads. These are made using seven strands of precious stones and pearls. Apart from these, you can also get lacchas, Kundan sets, chokers, rassi, Tanmani and chatai sets.

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The city of Hyderabad is famous for pearls and adding these pearls to your collection is sure to help you elevate your style quotient!

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