May 2023
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Pathergatti : Passion in the Paradise of Pearls

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The pearl is the most established, everything being equal, and has been praised by people for a very long time.

Considered the ‘City of Pearls‘, the rich Nizams and Qutb Shahi leaders of Hyderabad had a proclivity for pearl exchanging and before long developed to be specialists in the art. They were so spellbound by pearls that it was an enormous aspect of their social legacy; it enlivened ageless workmanship, sovereigns and princesses would even apply squashed pearls on their skin accepted to upgrade their magnificence.

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It was Ram Dutt Malji, a capable regal gem specialist, who acquainted pearls with the city. His child at that point opened the first since forever pearl shop in Pathergatti in 1906. In continuation of this rich inheritance, the absolute first store of Krishna Pearls has a similar area, and was opened in Pathergatti in 1983. As our leader store, it is more than representative that the Krishna Pearls and Jewelers in Charminar is situated in one of the most seasoned business habitats of the city close by exceptionally old pearl stores.

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Our benefactors involve a global demographic, who place their trust in our long term old inheritance and resolute client support. On numerous occasions, they re-visitation of superbly investigate our different product offering in the midst of the great clamor of the Charminar bazaar.

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King Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, the fifth leader of his line, developed the Charminar in the very spot where he initially laid eyes upon the adoration for his life – Bhagmati. Almost 400 years after the fact, it is with a similar sentiment and pizazz that we gladly seek after the pearl exchange.

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At Krishna Jewellers Pearls & Gems in the Charminar District, you will discover flawless, high quality bits of precious stone, Silver, Jadau, Pacchi, Polki and sanctuary gems. We have practical experience in pearl, gold and valuable stones and are continually enhancing work of art and contemporary plans.

It’s implied that our pearls are certifiable, first class and correctly managed by our regarded in-house architects. Our exceptional assortment of freshwater and south ocean pearls are gently made for your uncommon events – a declaration to Hyderabad’s great past and festivity of life itself.

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