May 2022
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Pearl 101: Your Guide To Colored Pearls & How To Buy Them

All You Need To Know About Buying Coloured Pearls!

Coloured pearls are in a class of their own. They are relatively uncommon and are a great way to stand apart from the usual white or beige pearls. However, coloured pearls are also relatively new territory for a jewellery shopper.

You need to consider various factors such as its sheen, colour, source of origin, etc. that can affect its price as well as looks. Here is a complete guide to buying coloured pearls that answers all the questions you may have while shopping for them.

Types of Coloured Pearls

There are two types of coloured pearls depending on how they were formed – either they were formed naturally, or they were cultured. As you can imagine, natural coloured pearls are rare, and therefore, they command premium pricing. A good example of natural coloured pearls in jewellery is this rose colour natural pearls necklace.

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Pearls can also be cultured. Most of the coloured pearls are cultured pearls. These are usually not as expensive as the naturally coloured pearls. However, they are still high-quality pearls that can be made into exquisite pearl jewellery.

Different Colours Available

Here are a few common colours that are found in pearls.


Pink-coloured pearls are feminine and exude regality. This white and rose freshwater pearls ear studs in silver are a perfect example of the beauty of pink coloured pearls.

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Blue coloured pearls are only found in the cultured pearls. They are uncommon and unique. These white CZ stones and blue pearl earrings show the uniqueness of blue pearls.

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Black pearls can either be cultured or naturally occurring. This three-layered black coloured pearls string is the best example of how black is the colour that can elevate every outfit.

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Brown is one of the rare colours even among coloured pearls. But the beauty of brown coloured pearls is unmatched as seen in this brown freshwater pearl ear studs in silver.

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Grey pearls come in a variety of different shades of grey, and this makes grey coloured pearls very versatile. One of those shades can be seen in this pearls string.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Coloured Pearls

Buying coloured pearls are an investment, and they require serious consideration. Here are some of the things that you must consider while purchasing coloured pearls.


High-quality pearls have a luminous and deep lustre. They have a subtle glow that is indicative of solid nacre.


There is no denying that round-shaped coloured pearls dominate the market and are considered more high-end. But you can also get equally good coloured pearls in oval shapes.


The larger the size of the coloured pearls, the higher their quality and therefore, the higher their price. This Tahitian grey pearl necklace string has pearls with a diameter of 13mm that is considered large for coloured pearls.   

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High-quality pearls have a smooth surface that doesn’t have any cracks or blemishes.

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