March 2023
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What is a pearl?

The one and only gem are known to mankind which is created by a living organism is a pearl. While The other expensive gens are usually mined up from the Earth’s surface, the pearl is formed inside a living oyster. In the earlier times, Pearl was considered to be a rare gem as the production basically depended on the instances where an oyster would secret a nacre which would later develop into an exquisite Real Pearl Jewellery. Such exquisite pearls usually attracted the rich kings and Nawabs due to its immense beauty and rarity and thereby had a huge price.

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With the advancement in Technology, human beings have actually found out a technology to create an environment so to induce certain circumstances by which the oyster would be coaxed to develop a pearl. These are called cultivated pearls and this has made it possible for the common man to own one. It is still difficult to farm millions of oysters to produce a pearl but the technology has been slowly perfected over the past 50 years. Once the harvesting of the pearls is completed after the 3 to 5 years period, they are then graded and polished to be worn as jewellery. The Chinese and Japanese have been holding the position of harvesting the maximum producers of premium quality pearls.

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Why is Hyderabad called The Pearl city of India?

Hyderabad is a city in the southern part of India and it now holds the unique distinction of creating and designing the most creative Pearl jewellery. The city of Hyderabad is also known across the globe for its high-quality polishing and the best processing of the pearls at quite reasonable rates. The micro-holes that are drilled in the smallest pearls to the largest one takes extreme care and skill. The Pearl jewellery and the processing industry in Hyderabad South of India basically own to the origins of the earlier rulers or Nawabs of Hyderabad. They had a different love for pearl jewellery and it’s elegance and thereby encouraged the creation and design of exclusive jewellery made from the exquisite pearls.

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The Craftsmanship, the quality of work, the variety of designs and the low-cost labour basically are the four vital factors that uplifted the popularity of Pearls in Hyderabad. Apart from the splendid pearls, the assurance of the originality is an insured gift that you make get from the dealers in Hyderabad.

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The Pearl Market

The dealer at Hyderabad is known to be the champions of the market and so Hyderabad is undoubtedly the largest and the most well-known trading centre of Pearls in India. The jewellery has retained their Craftsmanship for centuries from one generation to other. They have the skill to combine the glitter of gold, rubies and emerald. They are skilled enough to create different styles of ornament with various designs.

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The earrings such as Karanphool and cholaphool which are made from the uncut diamond and pearls are pretty famous among the Hyderabad women. The pearl market in the city also offers an unlimited variety of chokers, locker and Pearl bangles in Hyderabad made of pure pearl.

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