May 2023

Pearl bangles online in India

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Pearl Bangles

Pearl jewellery has always been in fashion in India. It properly goes in contrast with any kind of Indian clothing. It compliments anyone from any age group and everyone likes pearl jewellery due to its purity, Grace and beauty. It can also be worn with formal and casual both Indian attire.

Pearl jewellery like pearl bangles is passed on from one generation to others. The bangles are considered to be one of the most romantic items that can be gifted to a lady. Since ages, it has been well-known due to its Glory.

What is a pearl?

Just like any mollusc shell, a pearl is basically made up of calcium. An ideal pearl is perfectly smooth and round in shape. The pearls which are found in the sea waters are much more preferred and valued than the pearls that are farmed or cultivated in fresh water due to its shine and elegance. The value of a perfect Pearl totally depends on the shape, size and the quantity of the smooth surface.

Two types:

  1. Freshwater pearls: These are cultivated in freshwater lakes and ponds and are of a much lower value as they are not very round. They can be found in different colours.
  2. Seawater pearls: They are the most expensive ones of their kind. They are totally round in shape and are usually white.

Common usage

The Pearl bangles sometimes may include gemstones in their setting. These gemstones maybe diamond, rubies, emeralds, Sapphire, etc. Some less expensive and synthetic gemstones are also used in the designing of some Pearl bangles. The Pearl bangles are mostly preferred by girls and women for their wedding attire as the primary jewellery due to the elegant and the bold look of the pearls. The Pearl bangles also add grace to the traditional Indian attire and make it look richer and also enhances the beauty.


Pearl bangles have been in fashion for ages. The bride prefers wearing Pearl embedded with a diamond and other precious stones. These Pearl bangles having costly and expensive stones like diamond or Ruby or emerald are quite expensive. They are only available in the best jewellery shops in and around cities. There is also a second type of Pearl bangles. These Pearl bangles come with artificial or less expensive stones and are easily available in any small jewellery shop. The value of the pearl bangles also depends on the type of Pearl that is used. You can also buy the pearl bangles online in India from various websites.


When you look at a pearl in different angles, if it does not have a layer, then you must know that it is an artificial or a fake pearl bangle. If the layer that is found on the pearl is very thin, you must know that this Pearl bangle will not hold its shine and beauty long as the layer would slowly wither away. If the surface of the pearl is not smooth enough when you feel it with your bare skin, you can be sure that it is a fake or an artificial pearl.

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