May 2023
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Pearl Jewellery Set

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The Pearl jewellery can definitely be considered as one of the most worth keeping and priceless collections of all Jewellery since it is a total work of nature that exhibits and showcases a different kind of beauty for the person wearing it. However, due to the nonstop destruction of the environment and natural sea wonders, the naturally developing pearls like The South Sea pearls have nowadays become more treasured and costly thus making Pearl makers decide to try and make man-made pearls.

So if you have recently discovered your interest in pearls and you wish that you could know more and could find the best Pearl jewellery for you, it would be best for you to gather enough knowledge on the various type of pearls and the different factors that you must take into consideration before deciding on the right one.

The common type of pearls that you must know are the natural ones, the man-made ones and the organic or the freshwater pearls that are usually cultivated. The first type as stated before is one of the most expensive ones and cannot be contested on any content due to the value and quantity that would explain the high price. The best example for this is the south sea pearls as they are known to show a different kind of elegance although the value will fit the beauty of the item of course. The man-made pearls or the artificial ones that are cultivated are considered of low quality as they do not have a natural origin and can easily deteriorate after. They are cultivated by putting a seed inside the live oyster and then letting it develop in proper pH, temperature and artificial surrounding. They are considered to be the best one for those who always want a pearl accessory with them every day. The last type of Pearl is the freshwater one that exactly looks like the natural ones thus making them very popular in the market too.

Now after you have totally gathered knowledge about the type of pearls that are available in the market and you have decided on the type of Pearl that you must get, you must also check Pearl’s lustre, smoothness, shape and the colour. In most of the cases, high-quality pearls have a strong lustre if it’s in which fits in totally. It might appear to be of a higher quality and thus might not be brittle as fast as the other types if the lustre and the shape are perfect. When you find a pearl which is smooth and round on every side, then it also increases the value and is an expensive one as the smoothness only occurs to that type of pearls that have grown through the natural process in the deep sea. You must also keep in mind that not all the pearls have a perfect round shape and smooth body even if you have found one then it should be a precious type of the pearl jewellery set. Lastly, the colour of the pearl will always depend on your preference and has nothing to do with the quality of the pearl.

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