March 2023
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Pearl long chain designs in gold with price

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Pearl long chain designs in gold with price

Actually, previously pearl long chain in gold was not so popular, but of late, they have become very much sought-after pieces of jewellery. And why not? The designs in these chains offers such versatility.

Here is an insight to some of these designs:

  • The Classic Pearl Pebble Chain

This is a very useful piece of jewellery, as it can be worn with casuals as well as for occasions like a get-together etc. To get pieces, which can be worn in both scenarios is very rare to find and this is that rare classic piece of jewellery you should get your hands on.

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  • The Double Strand Pebble Chain

This pearl long chain gives you an elegant look, without making you look too dressy. So, this is a boon in disguise for those women, who don’t want to show themselves as ones who wear heavy jewellery, but would like to have a rich look at the same time.

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  • Floral Pearl Spike Chain

This is made by beading together white pearls and it has a charming string pearl pendant too, which makes it stand out from the other pearl chains, so isn’t this a nice thing?

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  • Multi-Strand Pearl Pebble Chain

Many ladies are fans of this kind of pearl chains, as it’ll be light, inspite of the many layers, but still offers a sober and elegant look. Hence, many school principals, teachers, doctors etc like to adorn this kind of pearl chain, amongst others.

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  • Pearl, Ruby & Emerald Beaded Multi-Strand Chain

This is a multi-strand pearl chain, beaded with a combination of pearls, green emeralds and tiny red rubies. Ideal for an evening out, for that matter, be it anywhere; maybe to a posh restaurant, beach or even as guests on someone’s invitation.

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