May 2023

Pearl Market in Hyderabad

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Widely known for its authentic Dum ka Biryani, the city of Hyderabad is also famous for its unique pearls. Many tourists who visit Hyderabad, do not leave the city without buying them. Hyderabad is also known as the city of pearls even though it is not near to any sea or port. The Pearl market in Hyderabad is widespread and thus you will find many experienced and popular merchants in the city. Original pearls are also available in the market and they come at various Sizes, shape, Colours and prices. The city is the largest centre for the trading of pearls in India.

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The history of the trading of pearl in Hyderabad is more than 400 years old. Originally in the previous time, they were traded from Basra in the Persian Gulf. Later, the Nizams of Hyderabad traded them in abundance. The craftsman who was trained in Hyderabad is skilled in processing, trading and the drilling of the pearls. This makes the city of Hyderabad an important destination for them.

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In the outer skirts of Hyderabad, there is a small village called Chandampet. It is a drive of 10kms from Tupran on the route of Kamarreddy on the medical highway road, where most of the population of the village is involved in the drilling of Pearls thus making it a unique skill.

The Different Types of Pearls that are Available

There are mainly 3 types of pearls that are available in the city of Hyderabad. These are natural, cultured and semi cultures pearls. The Natural pearls are obtained from oysters that are found in the sea and are usually found in perfect round shape.

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The cultured pearls can be both real and artificial. They are basically developed inside an oyster through artificial means and they are sold in the market coined as cultured pearls. A seed is implanted inside an oyster and then they are cultured in an artificial environment.

The semi-cultured falls are mostly machine made and come in various shapes and colours. Out of the above mentioned three, the finest and the best original ones are highly valued and are sold for higher prices in the market.

The famous and rarest ones like the Basra and rice are mostly found in the inner markets of Hyderabad. The rice pearl is a tiny variety available only in some of the selected best places like general Bazar, Char Kaman and the Gulzar Houz. The second variety the Basra is famous in the market for its unmatched Sheen, shine, colour and its glaze.


The pearls are studded in ornaments made from gold, silver and also an imitation Jewelry. The design of this kind of jewellery are marvellous and they are mostly used to craft ornaments like pendants, rings, bangles, necklaces and earrings, bracelets, brooches, tie tacks and many more to choose from in the market.

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The best places to buy in Hyderabad

Pearl Jewellery is available in every corner of Hyderabad. But if you are looking for variations at affordable prices, then places like Pattargatti and Laad Bazar are one of the best choices.

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