February 2023
Gold Pearl Necklace Designs

Pearl Necklace and Black Pearl Necklace Designs Online

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A piece of jewellery which is worn around the neck is called a necklace. Necklaces can be of various shapes and sizes but they all go around the neck. Necklaces were one of the first types of ornaments to be worn by humans in the early years. They are mainly used by women. Necklaces can be used in different ceremonies varying from weddings to funerals. They were generally used as a sign of wealth and status. They were used by the royalty for the first time ever.

Necklaces can be made up of various special objects such as gold, diamond, platinum, pearls, etc. They have other additional attachments either hanging or attached into it. These necklaces also consist of various semi-precious stones such as emeralds, garnets, rubies, turquoise, etc.

A hard and sparkling gemstone which is formed within the soft tissue of a living shell is called a pearl. Pearl necklaces have been in existence since the beginning of civilization. It gives the wearer a look of class and royalty. The value of pearls in jewellery depends on the type of pearl used. It can be determined based on the colour, size, availability, lustre and texture of the pearls. Lustre is the most important factor used to distinguish between pearls and to determine it’s value.

The designs and the quality of pearls have changed over the years. The latest designs have become more fashionable and versatile. Nowadays, pearl necklaces go well with everything, ranging from traditional to western attires and can be worn at any occasion or any place.

Some of the pearl and black pearl necklace designs online are :

  • Pearls Zinc Necklace: This necklace is made up of red pearls which come along with 21k gold plating. It has a red coloured large piece pendant at its centre attached to it. They go very well with traditional attires and generally comes with a matching pair of earrings and bangles. The white and red colour of the pearls gives the necklace a very vibrant, vivid and elegant look.

Gold Pearl Necklace Designs

  • Single Pearl Pendant Necklace: This necklace differs totally from all the other pearl necklaces. It makes you look simple yet sophisticated at the same time. This necklace is made up of just a fine string with just one pearl attached to the string as a long pendant.

Gold Antique Long Necklace Chain

  • Mixed Pearl Necklace: This necklace is very unique in its own way and differs the most from all the other pearl necklaces. What makes it different and unique is it’s a beautiful blend of white and black pearls. It can be worn with almost anything varying from a saree to a suit. It looks the most simple in appearance but it looks elegant at the same time. It comes along with a matching pair of earrings as well.

Mixed Pearl Necklace

  • Tahitian Necklace: This is a black pearl necklace which is slightly different from the lot mainly because of the colour of its pearls which are black. The black pearls are generally used by women who aim to look different and sharp compared to others. These necklaces look amazing with western attires. It adds a unique twist to the look. They usually come along with studs or danglers.

Tahitian Grey Pearl Necklace String


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