February 2023
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Pearl, Ruby & Emerald: Look How Gem Stones & Gold Create Beauty

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Gem Stones & Gold: A Magical Combination

Gold jewellery has been a favourite amongst Indian women since ages. They occupy a significant space in their heart and wardrobe. Apart from increasing the beauty of women, gold is also considered to be a source of security at times of financial crisis.

Indian women adorn a wide variety of beautiful gold jewellery on many occasions. But when these gold jewellery are combined with gemstones like pearls, ruby, and emerald, they take the beauty quotient to another level. Mentioned below are some trendy pearl ruby emerald gold sets that are sure to make some heads turn!

  • Gold Kundan Necklace Set

Buy Gold Kundan Necklace Set

This beautiful 22-carat Kundan set has a wide necklace and semi Chandbali earrings dropping out of a leaf. A hint of red and green add to the richness of this set. Gorgeous pearl ruby emerald gold sets like these reflect the rich culture of South India and make a perfect accessory for ethnic celebration.

  • Pearl Ruby Emerald Gold Sets 

Buy Pearl Ruby Emerald Gold Sets

The gleaming red & green stars merging into the glowing sun below give an elegant and ethereal vibe to this jewel. Glam up in this wedding season with these pearl ruby emerald gold sets and make a statement. This is an investment you won’t regret. This set will work elegantly for a variety of ethnic occasions.

  • Pebble Bracelet

Buy Pebble Bracelet Online at Krishnapearls

Who doesn’t love bracelets? Unlike other pearl ruby emerald gold sets, these versatile accessories have a timeless appeal and are easy to pair with any outfit. The multi-colour gemstones give a glow of beauty and sophistication. You can wear this bracelet for a cocktail party, a casual outing or a professional meeting. What’s more, pearl ruby emerald gold sets like these also make for a perfect birthday or anniversary gift for your family and friends.

  • Double Leaf Pendant Set

Buy Double Leaf Pendant Set at Krishnapearls

This delicately designed pearl ruby emerald gold set is specially prepared for fancy occasions. While the lustrous white pearls radiate effortless elegance, the beautiful pendant adds ethnicity and style. Pair these pearl ruby emerald gold sets with your favourite Indian attire to look regal and classy.

  • Jhumka Drop Set

Buy Jhumka Drop Set

Necklaces with jhumka pendant have been a favourite among Indian women since time immemorial. Adding jhumka is a refreshing new take on traditional pearl necklaces. The ruby and emerald add colour and enhance the beauty of these lovely pearl ruby emerald gold sets.

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