May 2023

Pearls and Fashion

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From celebrity parties to glossy glamour magazines and from classic literature to the silver screen, pearls have made their way into many aspects of our consciousness. Fashions have come and gone, but pearls have amazingly managed to retain much of their charm and popularity over the ages. It would be hard to deny the fact that few things in this world can boast of the kind of timeless appeal and deep admiration that pearls and jewelry made of them enjoy.

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Pearls have always been associated with a unique sense of fashion. They have been used to make a kind of style statement that is very much their own. This fashion sense has a strong bearing on elegance, a measure of aristocracy, a hint of calculated understatement and perhaps, a degree of serenity and maturity too. Pearl jewelry has always been a favorite choice for women slightly advanced in age. But this is only one side of the story because pearls have been worn by younger women in many instances to stunning effect.

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It may be safely assumed that after gold and diamonds, pearls are the most popular choice for countless women around the world for looking beautiful and fashionable. They have adorned the bodies of many celebrities down the ages and continue to do so with undiminished aplomb. Be it on a walk down the red carpet to a prestigious award ceremony, or the ramp of an international fashion show, or a glamorous photography session for the cover story of an haute couture periodical – pearls can be sighted everywhere.

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Beyond fashion, pearls have also been used by women to express emotions like a desire to be loved or to seduce, and even to show remorse or express one’s freedom and dignity. Indeed, what could be more enticing than a beautiful woman looking at you and carelessly twirling her slender fingers around a pearl necklace, or more somber than a widow dressed all in black except a couple of white pearl drops on her ears that cling to her body like two silent teardrops.

As one thinks hard, it is easy to realize that much of the popularity that pearls enjoy in the realm of style and fashion arises from the fact that they are so wonderfully versatile. Pearls are probably among the most forgiving kind of jewelry one would find. Pearl jewelry goes well with almost every kind of dress. It complements every type of fashion that you can think of. So why not turn a little adventurous and try your own thing with pearls at the next big event?

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