May 2023
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The Perfect Pearls Gift Designs

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It is your 30th anniversary and that means it is your Pearl Anniversary. The pearl is a creamy, lustre bound organic gemstone; a gemstone that only means a new life’s beginning. It starts as a tiny speck and grows stronger and more beautiful, as time passes by, so would be your marital life. Think of pearl gifts as a symbol of patience, integrity, love and loyalty.

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By tradition, we pair every year of our marriage with some sort of material or a gemstone, don’t we? The 30th year of marriage is PEARL It symbolizes beauty from the inside out and brings about a special bond that drives the relationship. Pearl gifts and jewellery are gifts that are timeless, but you can be very creative and gift pearls.

Buy Pearl Sets Online at Krishna Pearls


Buying gifts for your spouse can be tricky, but you don’t have to worry about that. For we at Krishna Pearls have experts, who would guide and help you choose the right pearl gifting options for your spouse. So, no worries there.

pearl set designs online

Think about the style of your spouse. Do they prefer a sedate style or a traditional one? Do they prefer statement pieces or bright colours? Would earrings with pearls do or would pendants and bracelets or even full neckpieces with pearls make the mark? What do they like? Get that answered first. Once you have an idea clear about what he or she likes or what they like to wear daily, it would become easier for you to choose something special.

Here are some of the perfect pearls gift ideas for you to check out:

  1. A dainty bracelet that she can wear and remember your love for her each day.
  2. A pearl necklace that she can wear for special occasions.
  3. Classy pearl earrings that she can adorn when she goes out with you.
  4. A classy pearl chain for him, when you go out for dinner dates or weddings.
  5. A pearl-encrusted watch for him, to match his trousseau for weddings and special occasions

So here were the perfect pearls gifts ideas for you to choose from. Do drop by our stores for more options and our experts would be glad to help you.

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