February 2023
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Read This & Style Akoya Pearls Like An Expert

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Get To Know How You Can Put Your Akoya Pearls To Their Best Use 

Akoya pearls are among the few very high-quality pearls which you will find in the market. This is the reason why they make their way into most pieces of jewellery with the addition of precious gold and diamonds. Everything about them, right from their shape to their size, speaks the truth of their authenticity and demands the merit to be accessorised with decency. If you have been looking for fancy akoya pearls to go along with your existing jewellery, here are some exemplary pieces of akoya pearls in different designs to bedazzle your attire.

  • White CZ stones Pearls Earrings in Silver

White CZ stones Pearls Earrings in Silver

The stunning charm of these akoya pearls earrings will leave you thrilled after you adorn them. Crafted with meticulous perfection, these earrings display a dazzling beauty with the use if authentic akoya pearls at the centre and graded CZ stones around it. The unique teardrop shape of these earrings makes it a novel item to stock in your vanity. Style these earrings with a stone necklace for the ultimate look.

  • Pearls Necklace set with Earrings in White czs 

Buy Pearls Necklace set with Earrings in White czs

Dazzle under the beauty of these akoya pearls necklace which comes with a pair of matching earrings. It is ideal to pair this beautiful necklace with a pair of bangles or bracelet around your wrists and a delicate pearl ring. Crafted with CZ stones, this akoya pearls necklace makes you stand under the limelight with its genuine royalty.

  • Multi Colour Pearls Bracelet

Buy Multi Colour Pearls Bracelet

Let your feminine side take over your ensemble with this beautifully crafted akoya pearls bracelet which is nothing less than a fine display of beauty. The thick strings of pearls on this bracelet make it sufficient for your hands, but you are always welcome to adorn your favourite akoya pearls necklace and earrings with this bracelet. This combination will certainly make you appear attractive in every social setting.

  • Pearl Bangles

Pearl Bangles

Crafted with high-grade akoya pearls, these pearl bangles are a spectacle on their own. They are best paired along with plain bangles in metal or else, worn alone for a delicate look. Why not go an extra mile and adorn a string of pearls around your neck to go along with these bangles!

  • Radiant natural pearls necklace

Radiant natural pearls necklace

Do you want something beautiful yet subtle for your wardrobe? This akoya pearls necklace will not only go along really well with your pearl jewellery, but it will also leave a lasting impression on you with its beauty and rich appearance.

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