February 2023

Southsea Pearls- One of the Largest and Rarest Pearls

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Pearls have been a symbol of beauty and elegance for centuries. From Kings and Queens in ancient times to designers and their customers now, pearls remain a Favorite choice of all. Especially with the increasing creative development of the fashion jewellery industry, more designs are coming up, in different price ranges. This opens up the world of pearl jewellery to one and all.

Pearls are usually of two types, natural or cultured. Although with the development of technology, Cultured pearls look as good as the natural ones, and honestly the difference is hard to tell! But, Natural Pearls are more rare to find, and hence more expensive. Produced by molluscs in rivers, lakes, ponds – pearls are usually white in colour, and almost round in shape. Cultured pearls come in a wide variety, Freshwater Pearls being one of them, ranging from different sizes to shapes and colors.

How to evaluate a pearl?

Some criteria have to be looked into, while choosing a Pearl, to ensure what you’re purchasing is worth the money you’re paying.

First, you must check the level of Lustre, because the more shiny the pearl is, the more authentic it is.

Second, look for any blemishes or marks on the surface. The clearer the surface of a pearl, the more is its value.

Third, check the shape of the Pearl. Usually, the rounder ones are more expensive than other shapes like oval or teardrop. But, it depends on what shape you want to buy.

Fourth, the size of the pearl will determine its value. The bigger the size, the more costly it is.

In the end, however, what kind of pearls you choose to buy is your personal choice.

Southsea pearls:

The South Sea pearls are a type of saltwater pearls, originating from the Pinctada maxima oyster. These beautiful pearls are produced in the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and Myanmar. Usually round in shape, south sea pearls are larger than average pearls, ranging from 10mm to 20 mm. They are high-quality pearls, with a natural high Lustre, available in the colours white and golden.

Pearl Choker Necklace

Are Southsea pearls expensive

Amongst all other cultured pearls, south sea pearls are one of the most Sought after Pearl Jewellery because of their exceptional quality. They are larger in size, richer in Lustre and smoother in finishing than most average pearls. This makes them more expensive, but reasonable ones are also available in the market.

South Sea Pearl Bridal Jewelry:

Go for a vintage or a royal bridal look, with a South Sea pearl set, Comprising of Necklaces, Dangling Earrings and bracelets. South sea pearls can pull off any look, whether you have decided on a traditional look or a modern one. They can even be beautiful gifts to your loved ones.

Pearl Necklace

Where to Buy Authentic South Sea Pearls From?

Considering the number of choices in the market, making a decision to choose one of them can be difficult. To ensure you’re not fooled, make sure you choose a reputed vendor, that provides you with a guarantee of good quality and authenticity.


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