March 2023

The Best Pearl Choker Sets Online

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Pearl Choker Set
A tight-fitting necklace which is worn around the neck is called a choker. A choker can be made up of different kinds of substances such as gold, platinum, pearls, leather, metal, etc. A choker can be pretty much worn with everything for its versatile nature. A choker can be embellished in any way you want it to be. Ranging from pendants to sequins to buttons, etc. Chokers have been in place since the beginning of jewellery. The first chokers were known to be crafted by Sumerian craftsmen around 2500 BC. The first chokers were usually made with gold.  They were believed to be protective and have special supernatural powers. Pearl chokers have been in existence since the beginning of civilization. It was mainly linked to high fashion but under various circumstances, it took different meanings. Pearl chokers have always provided the wearer with a look of royalty and grace. The designs of pearl chokers have changed with time-based on the taste of the generation. The value of pearls in jewellery depends on the type of pearl used. It can be determined based on the colour, size, availability, lustre and texture of the pearls. Lustre is the most important in determining the price of the pearl chokers. One of the most popular and preferred jewellery in India is pearl jewellery. They can either be custom made or previously designed for you. The best pearl choke sets online are Pearl Chokers In Gold These type of chokers are made up of a base of gold. Pearl chokers in gold are the most adorned in the Indian culture because they go well with any festivals or occasions. They generally come along w a matching pair of earrings that are usually worn with any traditional attire ranging from sarees to lehengas. Blue Pearl Chokers These type of chokers are usually very extravagant and expensive. They are generally worn by the people who want to look grand or royal at any occasion or festival or party. These chokers look really heavy in weight even though they are lightweight. The blue pearls give the choker a tinge of colour and make it look more attractive. Flower Pearl Chokers In Silver These chokers are made to be contemporary and versatile. They can be worn with any outfits and on any occasion. Western attires go with these chokers as well. The pearls are set on a base of flowers and leaves. These are one of the very unique designs in pearl chokers. String Pearl Chokers These chokers are usually very simple and are worn by the people who want to look sophisticated without being extravagant. They look very minimal and are very lightweight. They usually just have a string to which the pearls are attached to. And they usually come along with a matching pair of earrings. Three Layered Multi Pearl Chokers This is a freshwater multi pearl choker. They are generally used by the people who want to use it multiple times and on multiple occasions. The pearls in this necklace are very shiny and white since they come from freshwater. These chokers have three layers of just pearls attached one by one. And they are joined by a hinge which binds the necklace. For More Pearl Jewellery Designs Call (or) Whats [email protected] +91-9248036721 Vist Site For More Pearl Collection at (or) visit our store Krishna Pearls at Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad and for more details Contact Us @ +91-9248036721.  
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