June 2022

Timeless & Elegant, Your Mom Will Love A Pearly Gift

Here Are The Best Pearl Designs To Gift Your Mom on Her Anniversary!

Anniversaries are incredibly special occasions. They celebrate the journey of a couple and how they have grown with each other. Anniversaries become even more special when it is your parents’.

Pearls are the best gift that you can give your mother. They are long-lasting, elegant, royal, and there is no doubt that your mother will love your gift.

Once you have decided to purchase pearl anniversary gifts for parents, the next step is to figure out the exact design that you should get. Here are a few options for pearl anniversary gifts for parents.

  • Gold South Sea Pearls Necklace

Buy Gold South Sea Pearls Necklace

There is something regal about a single string pearl necklace. Its elegance and charm impress every woman. Gift your mother this gold South Sea pearls necklace and watch her face light up with joy. The golden coloured pearls on this pearl anniversary gifts for parents give it a majestic feel. It is also the most effortless necklace to style as it will complement every saree and suit in your mother’s wardrobe.

  • Multi-Colour Layered Pearl String

Buy Multicolour Layered Pearl String

While a single string of pearls is definitely a great pearl anniversary gift for parents, a layered pearl string will make your mothers’ heart swoon. The multi-coloured seed pearls make this necklace simple and festive at the same time. The sophistication of this necklace can only be matched by your mother’s perfect style. This matches with a variety of outfits making it the perfect pearl anniversary gift for parents.

  • Pearl Pendant Set

Buy Pearl Pendant Set at Krishnapearls

Has your mother recently complained that she doesn’t have earrings that match with all her necklaces? Then you can consider getting her this pearl pendant set as part of your pearl anniversary gifts for parents. The red and green stones perfectly complement the white freshwater pearl at the centre. You can never go wrong with the combination of red, green and white for pearl anniversary gifts for parents.  

  • Pearl Bangles

Buy Pearl Bangles Online at Krishnapearls

These pearl bangles for your mom along with a classy watch for your dad will definitely make a perfect pearl anniversary gift for parents. Your mother will fall in love with its effortless beauty and grace. The small pearls that cover the bangle are flawless. Since the bangles are covered in white, your mother will have no trouble matching it with her outfits.

  • Half Loop Pearl Bangles

Buy Half Loop Pearl Bangles

Gold and pearls are two things that a woman can never have enough of. The half-loop design and the intricate pearl work will make this bangle the best pearl anniversary gifts for parents. It works well with a variety of ethnic outfits!

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